Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carolina Spring Football Game

Saturday marked the end of the Spring practice for the football team so we went to our favorite place on Earth, Kenan Stadium, to watch the annual spring Blue-White game.  Deuce had a blast!  He is at the perfect height to reach the back of the seats in front of us so he spent the entire game walking back and forth along the bleachers.
He was so proud of himself and kept wanting daddy to watch him as he walked along.  He laughs and squeals like a little chimpanzee and all of the people around us enjoyed watching him.  He smiles at anyone that he sees.
The team looked good and it got us really excited for the start of football season.  Although it was chilly, the game was complete before the rain set in and I think the attendance was around 16,000.
The defense is looking strong, even with the loss of so many seniors.
And Renner looked like he was stepping up to the challenge to lead the team this year.
Oh and remember my child that I was having problems with getting to sleep?  Well not so much anymore.  It really was me that was the problem.  I have taught him that sleep is wonderful and he has now become a mini version of me in the mornings.  He doesn't want to get up.  No matter how many times you call his name he will ignore you and turn his head the other way.  He sleeps like a little frog with his legs tucked under and his butt stuck straight up in the air.  I literally have to pick him up in the mornings because he will not wake up.  He is sleeping almost 12 hours now!!

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