Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

Yea for Deuce's 1st Birthday & Easter all in the same weekend!  After the little dude slept until about 9:30, we got up and got ready for church.  I must say that my body was pretty run down from all of the hard work that had gone in to the birthday party so I was a little slow getting ready for church too.  Daddy however, was up at like 7am ready to go.
We love the church nursery.  Especially now that he can walk.  He has made some friends that he sees every week.  They all share their toys and this one little boy, Xavier, loves when Deuce comes in because he knows he will have a football.  He always comes up to me before I have a chance to sit down and asks for a ball.
He even took some time to read another Mama's Bible with her.  He showed her how to flip through EVERY single page in just about EVERY single book of the Bible.
After the service, we go upstairs to meet the boys and say hey to our other friends.
After we left church, we dropped TJ off at his mom's house so he could spend Easter with her and her family in Raleigh.  We took Deuce to eat Mexican for lunch.
 After a good 2 hour nap following lunch, we went for a walk in the neighborhood. 
I love this new face he makes with his lips curled out.  It makes me laugh every time.  He is trying to say his name now so he makes this face every time he says "Dew"  He hasn't gotten the "-ce" yet.  Oh, and I love the new Crocs.  I think he does too.  When he's in his car seat, he constantly sticks his fingers in the holes of his shoes and plays with his feet.  Too funny!
 And this picture just makes me laugh.......

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  1. Haha I laughed instantly when I saw the last pic too. That's a great picture of Ed.


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