Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleep Progress

You know how I know that little man knows that his crib is good?  He has finally gotten to the point where he is comfortable in his crib, in his room, in the dark, all by himself.  One night last week, we went through our entire bedtime routine.  Bath, Bottle, Books, Bed (per Annie).  I turned out the lights, turned on his sleep sheep, he laid his head down on my shoulder, I kissed him and told him I loved him and then I laid him down.  I turned on his mattress (it vibrates for 10 minutes) and then I covered him up.  I turned his humidifier on and then went out the door.  I glanced back at him to see his face in the glow of the light in the hallway and he was looking me in the eyes, as he always does.  Each night I wait for the screams to begin but most nights they don't.  Even when they do, they only last for about a minute or two before he is over it.  This one particular night, I headed to bed on my own really early, like 9pm early.  Most nights I am too tired to watch any tv by the time I have eaten dinner or washed bottles or started the laundry or whatever.  I usually leave the husband on the couch and get in bed.  I always turn on the monitor and give one last glance.  This is what I saw: he found the monitor.
Then grabbed it and knocked it around until it was turned sideways.  I rotated these pictures so you could actually see what they are.  The far wall & an ear.
Oh how he loves peek-a-boo.  Only he didn't know we were playing.  He was just poking the camera.
(See the huge Taco Bell cup by my bedside?  I don't lie.)
 I love this sweet face...
"Hey Mommy!"
More eyeball action.
 See how he has the camera turned?
 an arm...
 now the back
 and I'm going to play & eat some toys for a bit.
And finally I'm going to throw every toy out of the crib.  I kept hearing these loud thuds.  He was literally throwing them across the room and hitting walls!!
Now that my crib is void of all toys, I guess I will head off to bed.
This is the last thing I remember seeing.  Kinda freaky with the eyes glowing.  I really think I fell asleep before he did.  I heard Ed in the living room say, "how many pictures are you taking in there?"  He had no idea I was taking pictures of the monitor.  He probably thought I was giving myself a photo shoot...yeah right.
This morning as TJ was getting his daily dose of "Why aren't you ready yet?  Did you brush your teeth?  Have you brushed your hair?  Where is your lunch box?  You can't wear that, it's going to be 80 degrees outside!  Take your hood off at school, etc...." right outside of the nursery, I was sure he would wake up crying for someone to come get him.  I went about my normal routine of "SHHHHHHshing!" repeatedly to Ed & TJ before they woke him up, delaying my routine by at least 30 minutes.  After they were gone I couldn't believe I didn't hear him crying.  A glance in the monitor had him sitting up in his crib just playing with his toys.  He was talking to himself and just so content.  I loved it!
Aja's first birthday party was on Saturday.  I will have a full post about that tomorrow but this was Deuce when we got home: knocked out and in full camo gear. :):)
And this is one of the gifts I made for Annie for Aja's nursery:
I think Annie liked it!

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