Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Party Pictures Continued

I thought I would share some more pictures of the party that were taken by our good friend Jamelia of Jamelia Conner Photography.  You can visit her facebook page HERE.  Her camera and photog skills are way better than mine!

After the party was over, we cleaned up and headed out to dinner with our good friends Rebecca & Daniel.  They have Austin that is TJ's best friend and Chase who is 3 months younger than Deuce (he's in the other Carolina jersey from yesterday's pictures).  We had a great time and a very relaxing dinner.  Deuce was asleep before we left the parking lot and he didn't even wake up when I got him out of the car.  I made Ed take a picture of him as evidence of his level of exhaustion.
He didn't wake up when I changed him into his pajamas.
And he didn't wake up when I put him in the bed.  He slept until almost 9:30 on Sunday morning!  That's one tired baby!!

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