Monday, April 11, 2011

High School Memories

So this past Saturday was the 80s v 90s alumni basketball game at Chapel Hill High.  I just have to tell you, it was so much fun to see these guys play ball together again.  My girl Crystal updated her facebook status to say "This game is hilarious.  They have hit the floor more than the ball has."  That was so true within the first 10 minutes of the game.  There were some serious gasps and  "Oh's" happening from within the stands whenever one of the 80s players tumbled and rolled across the hardwood.  I mean these guys are now in their 40's and they were playing so hard.  They had something to prove.  They still got game.  Well...some of them.  My bro-in-law definitely does.  After all, his picture is in the Hall of Fame at CHHS. 
Ed: class of 1997
Major: class of 1987
Anyhow, it was so much fun to be back at CHHS and back in the gym where I spent many nights cheerleading while my future husband was playing basketball.  I loved having Deuce there and letting him walk all over the basketball court where his daddy & his uncle played ball growing up.  Of course, Grandma & Grandpa were there and were the only parents to have a kid on both teams.  They had a blast seeing people they hadn't seen in years, showing off their grandbaby and watching their boys play against each other for the first time.
There was a DJ spinning some great tracks from the 80s and 90s during the hour leading up to tip off.  The player turnout was great and they had a good time taking jabs at each other.  There was a 3 point contest and a complete concession stand with some yummy food out in the caf.  The attendance was great and all of the proceeds were given to the CHHS class of 2011.  I saw a lot of people that I hadn't seen in years including former teachers and coaches.  The 1985 class president was the event organizer and the current CH police chief is a 1985 graduate so he was there to speak as well.  The guys arrived in plenty of time to get in a good warm up which was imperative for my husband, considering this was the first official game he has played in since dislocating his shoulder in 2008 and then having knee surgery last November.  I loaded him up with some Aleve before the game.
The teams were introduced and the game was underway.  The majority of the crowd was of the 80s generation so there was a loud, resounding cheer whenever they scored. 
After a few minutes of watching from the stands, we decided to create a kiddie corner over by the bench's.  The kids are now of the age where they don't want to be held.  Aja came to watch with Deuce and they met up with Addison and Sophia.  Addison's uncle is Tony and Sophia's daddy is Ryan.
The game was very exciting.  After pretty much beating up on the 80s team during the first half, (I think they were up by like 15 at one point) the 90s let the old guys back in the game.  It seriously went down to the last second.  The crowd was loud and on their feet during the last few minutes as the score remained tight.  A shot by Pat Walton for the 90s was good and put them back up by 1 with a little less than 3 seconds on the clock.  It was all over after that.  Deuce slept through the entire 4th quarter.
I love those last 2 shots of Ed & his bro.  There have never been pictures of them on opposite teams before.  I only wish my camera actually took good pictures indoors!!  After the game was over, a large group of us went out to eat at Bailey's and had a great time catching up and reminiscing about high school days.
Grandma and some of her boys.  Back in the day, the Geer household was the spot to be.  Everyone stayed over at their house and Grandma always cooked for them.  Both Major's friends and Ed's.  The boys kept saying they wanted to go to Betty's to eat instead of going out.  I'm sure if it hadn't been 9:30pm, she would have gladly agreed.
Pat Walton '99, Ed Geer '97, Tony Riggsbee '98, Ryan Walden '97, Major Geer, Jr. '87
Hopefully they will make this an annual event!

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