Thursday, April 28, 2011

1 Year Well Visit

It should be called a 1 Year Hell Visit.
Wanna know why?  Because he had to get 4 shots and blood drawn via a finger prick.  He was not a happy camper.  I have become accustomed to him getting a shot (or two at the most) during our routine visits to the doctor.  The last time we went to the doctor he wasn't really crawling very much so holding him still wasn't too much of a challenge.  This time, it was different.  He had to get 1 shot in each leg, 1 shot in each arm and they pricked his finger and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed until they got enough blood out of his teeny, tiny little hand.  Oh, it was traumatizing.  The little booger is sooo strong now that it was difficult for me to hold him down while the sweet nurse was trying to stick that needle in each of his extremities.  He screamed after each one, kicking furiously and losing his breath while I dropped tear after tear on to the exam table waiting for him to finally inhale so his color would come back.  Oh it was miserable.  He was clawing at my clothes and my hair and my face trying his hardest to grab on to a piece of me that he could use to propel himself into my arms.  This 2 minute process seemed like it lasted for an hour.  The nurse looked at me and said "Are you alright?"  I just shook my head and apologized.  As soon as I picked him up he was catching his breath and he laid his head down on my shoulder.  He was worn out from all of that fighting he had been doing.  And I had a headache from attempting to control my overprotective mommy tears.  While we were waiting for the results of the blood draw to come back (Iron Level Testing - came back normal), he fell asleep in my lap while I was trying to put his clothes on him.  I am thankful that is over.
That was the end of the appointment.  Let me back up to the beginning.  He was weighed & measured and is definitely a biggin'.  He weighs 25lbs 12.5oz (85th percentile), is 30.75 inches long (80th percentile) and his head is 47cm around (70th percentile).  Dr. Davis said he looks great, his teeth look great and his top two teeth look as though they will break through soon.  Based on a questionnaire I had to fill out he is doing very well with his fine motor skills, his communication and all of that other developmental stuff they check for.

Food: We are in the process of transitioning from formula to whole milk.  I have 1 can of formula left and once I get through that, I will not be buying anymore.  PREACH!  He will drink the milk out of his bottle but not out of a sippy cup so that will be our next transition piece.  He eats pretty much anything and everything.  He still eats some baby food but he also eats anything off of our plate that he can chew on his own.  Plus he snacks all day.  He loves the Gerber Puffs and Wasa crackers and Cheerios and Vanilla Wafers.  Obviously with his weight numbers, we have no issues with food. 

He is a great sleeper.  He goes to sleep around 9pm and sleeps until about 8am.  We read books before bed time and he goes right down.  Sometimes, he doesn't even want to finish the book.  He just starts fighting me to get to his crib so I go ahead and put him down.  We turn out the lights, turn on his sheep and he rolls right over and goes to sleep.  He has been talking in his sleep a lot lately (like it's been waking me up it's so loud and I swear he's going to be sitting up in his crib when I look at the monitor, but he's not).  I mentioned it to Dr. Davis and he told me it was fine, especially since he was not waking up but that sometimes it can translate into sleep walking when they get older...grrrreat!  That doesn't excite me for the whole "let's stay in your own bed to sleep" phase.
Movement: He walks everywhere and most of the time he doesn't want your help.  He will slap your hand away if you are trying to hold it.  He tends to be a bit stubborn and I'm not sure where he gets it from...ahem. Whatever.  My mom reminds me that it's payback every chance she gets... at least he's

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