Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

We took a visit to Busch Gardens this past weekend while visiting my dad.  Ed & I are avid roller coaster riders and TJ is slowly developing an obsession for them too.  As is required on a day filled with lots of walking and waiting, a pre-game nap is required on the way to your first amusement park.
We were wide awake and ready for some action upon arrival at the gate and finishing up our lunch.
As is customary for theme parks, we stopped to pose for a family picture.  Yea family!
TJ was measured for his height and they gave him a wrist band and a printout of all of the rides he was able to get on.  Big news this year: he was tall enough to get on his first upside down ride!!!  So of course, that was the first place we went...the Loch Ness Monster. 
He was nervous, I could tell, although he tried to play it all calm & cool.  But he kept his nerves under control and got on the ride and he LOVED it!  You know how after you get off the ride you check out your pictures?  Well I think he rode it with his eyes closed because in the picture, he had his hood on and his head was ducked down so you could only see the top of his hoodie, lol!  We rode it several more times and each time he got more and more confident and started smiling for the camera.  Once when he rode with me I told him he had to scream because it just makes it more fun and he started letting out these soft, high pitched "woo's."  They were really short & soft, like he was concentrating on making sure he didn't fall off the ride but he screamed nonetheless. 
We also did all of the simulation rides.  The one below, you "fly" all over Europe to see the famous sites and monuments.  It was pretty neat.  TJ has never been on a plane so for a few minutes he really thought that's what the inside of an airplane looked like (you know the auditorium seats that move?) and that we were on the BG airplane and we actually flew out of the park.  He eventually figured it out though.
Lucky for us, Pop has an eternal fear of heights, roller coasters and anything downright scary.  He was the best baby watcher ever!  He had a blast because he got to spend some quality time with his grandson!
Ed & I got on the Alpengeist
Apollo's Chariot
and the newest ride, the Griffon.
Yes, that drop is 90 degrees, straight down.  And it holds you over the ledge for a second before you just fall.  OMG!  This was the best ride I have ever been on in my life!!!  There is even another hidden 90 degree drop later in the ride that you never see coming.  I am not scared to ride on rides but at the top of this one, I was freaking out!  It was so high up!  I was screaming at Ed like WTF are we doing??????  My baby is down there!!! I could see TJ bouncing his basketball and he looked like a little speck of dirt.  LOL!  But when it was all said & done, it was awesome and I will get on it again some day.  The funny thing is, is that my  mom went with some kids from her elementary school last year and rode this ride and came back raving to me about how amazing it was and that all of her 5th graders were in awe of her that she got on it.  I knew I had to do it if she did...

Side Note: Ed played 1 game all day and that was the basketball game (of course).  You know the ones they have at every state fair and every amusement park with the double rims that are really tight and deformed and you have to shoot a perfect shot for it to go in to get your prize?  Well Ed paid his $3 to play and because TJ is so short, he got to try it for free.  Ed's shot rimmed out (dang those deformed things!) but TJ's...swished right through the net.  So he won himself a new basketball to add to the collection of 50 million that overwhelm every area of our house.

Here are some more shots of the day.
I love the Clydesdale's.  They are my favorite horses ever and they are so beautiful.  It's not a trip to BG for me if I don't stop to see them.
The park just opened the week before so it was impeccable.  The grounds were super clean and the freshly planted flowers were beautiful.
We caught the tail end of a Sesame Street show and Deuce was just in awe of the characters.  I see that stuff in our near future.  Doesn't he look like such a big boy?
I just love this picture.  His expression is priceless!
All in all it was a great day and I'm sure we'll be back very soon!

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