Thursday, April 7, 2011


We are two weeks & one day away from the big 1!  While I am busy working, zumba-ing and changing diapers... I am planning a party.  Everyone keeps telling me, "you know he won't remember it, right?" Well guess what...I don't care.  It's my first child's, first birthday.  It's a reminder of the day that I pushed for 3 hours to no avail.  It's the day I received a huge scar across my stomach that will always be there.  It's the day that my life changed forever because I was blessed with such a sweet angel.  So if I want to throw him a party he won't remember, then that's what I am going to do.  And if I choose to stress myself out about it, then I am going to do that too...even though I am actually not stressing at all.  (For once in my life, I have been proactive.)  And yes, I know, I sound like a totally selfish biotch.  You are probably thinking I should just throw myself a party...  However, I'm going to have some kick-butt pictures for him to look back at when he gets older.
Oh, and I have mentioned about how this dude loves footballs & basketballs, right?  And bath time too.  What's better than basketball in the bath?
And this is how excited he is when the bath water is running...keep your eye on the left leg.  He swears it's going to propel him in.
(sorry for the annoying commentary.)

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