Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Snow 2014

We had so much snow hit us in 24 hours that I have now seen enough to last me for the next couple of years. The snow is so fun for this first couple of hours and is so pretty when it is coming down. But when you live in the south where there is not enough city equipment to handle the amount of snow that we got, it is a huge burden. Fortunately, we all knew it was coming so I worked from home on Wednesday. Thank goodness I was not over an hour away from home because I  never would have made it. It started coming down a little after lunch time and I was assuming that Ed was going to leave work and scoop Deuce up on his way home. But no, he's goes by the book so when his work didn't officially dismiss anyone, he didn't leave. So I checked the cameras at school and saw that Deuce was in the middle of a nap. It had just started snowing so I thought I would let him sleep and then go get him. It would take a little while to stick to the roads because it wasn't sticking to the grass quite yet. After about an hour I kept looking outside and I could no longer see the road. I freaked and left immediately. My little civic is not made for snow and ice. Deuce's school is about 10 minutes away from the house. It took me 2 hours to get to him and get home. Some very kind strangers even pushed my car (and everyone else's) up an icy hill in the middle of a huge intersection because we couldn't get through. When we got home I swore I wasn't leaving. And I didn't for almost 3 days. We got about 10 inches at our house over the next 24 hours. By the end of the next day, I was over it. I was trying to work from home (as was Ed actually) and when you have a 3 year old who doesn't understand work and only understands sledding, it's super hard. Friday I decided to clear the driveway so we could attempt to get out. The main road in our neighborhood had been plowed but the front yard is blocked from the sun by our house so hardly any of the snow had melted. And of course when they plow, they pile up like 2 feet of snow in front of your driveway, like that helps at all. My little guy loves to help out so he got his little pink sand shovel and went to work.

Winter Basketball 2013 - 2014

Deuce finished up his second season of basketball at the beginning of the month. He really enjoyed playing with Carter and the bigger kids. The boy never stops, he is super busy. Starting next month he will be playing soccer and baseball, basketball at school and taking karate. He wants to try everything and I will definitely let him. Although he has the sports he really loves (football), I want him to grow up playing it all and not focus on any one thing in particular. I think that makes you a better athlete in the long run and there is less chance of burn out. And who knows what his size will be and what he may end up being better at. As long as we can afford it, I'll encourage him to try.

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