Monday, May 19, 2014

four years old...

Dear Deuce,

You are four years old!
I am so full of love for you.
My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning when you crawl into my bed, wrap your arms around my neck and tell me you want to snuggle. I don't want these days to end.
You tell me you love me frequently.
You tell me I am the best mom in the whole world.
You tell me you love me thiiiiiiiisssssss much, with your arms stretched out wide.
You make me smile every day.
You make me so thankful that He chose me to be your mommy.
You are smart, funny, silly, sweet and independent all in one.
You are so full of energy and you are loved be so many.
You really enjoy playing soccer.
You like baseball, but I think the pace may be a little slow for you right now.
I often find you playing in the dirt in the infield instead of watching the batter.
You have so many great friends.
You consider Carter, Harrison and Chase to be your brothers.
And you tell us that Zaria is your girlfriend.
You love to play the drums and listen to hip hop and country.
Your favorite group is definitely Florida Georgia Line.
You can sing all the words to their songs.
And you love Hot Girls in the Country by Honeysuckle Ridge.
Mommy is so proud.
Your favorite restaurant is the "Peanut Place."
Texas Roadhouse
You also like to eat pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers and masghetti. Yes, masghetti.
I love you so much Christopher.
Happy 4th Birthday.

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