Monday, April 16, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures.

Time for some recent pictures off the phone!

He likes dip. Any kind. He eats it straight out of the package. Gross.
Grandpa & Deuce like to color when they are together. They draw each other pictures. Grandpa draws boats and animals and Deuce draws squiggly lines and tells Grandpa that it is a portrait of him.
Somehow he ended up in our bed one morning and crawled to the bottom to watch cartoons. When I woke back up, this is where he was. I had to wake Ed up to make sure he didn't kick him like he does the cat when she's down there.
He really like the Michelin man. And he continued to "high fi" him until he knocked the entire cardboard stand over. Oops.
Showin' off his muscles. If daddy is shirtless then Deuce must be shirtless.
"Fiding" at Bryan Park where his 2nd birthday party will be. In his bedroom slippers. Because that's what he wanted to wear to the park that day.
Mama & Auntie went out!
Some good sleeping.
Packed & ready for the beach.
Where's Deuce?
Come more coloring at the beach house.
All of his friends lined up and ready to watch the boats come by.
Early morning hoops.
Sleeping in the big boy bed at the beach with the goldfish.
Best Buds. sorry for the blurrrrrrrr!
Stacking toys with Uncle Wally.
Ready for Dinner at Clawson's in Beaufort!
Rough Night?
Bath when we got home from the beach.
We have had some trouble getting back into our own bed after staying at the beach for 5 days. UGH!
Deuce and Wawa on the way to Knoxville.
Seriously, this is the life. I LOVE visiting Knoxville. Even if we don't leave Aunt Rita's house.
Warming up to the fire with cousin Jordan.
Somehow, he finds his way to the young, beautiful ladies. Pop kept saying, "Wait until I tell your daddy about this!!" He was constantly in the arms of some super cute coed.
Being smooth with the chicks is hard work.
Watching Toodles with Ryan before the wedding.
He did not leave the dance floor during the entire reception. A full post on our trip to TN soon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012 at the Beach.

Me & Deuce headed down to the coast with Nana and Wawa last week for a few days of rest and relaxation. R&R can be hard to come by with an almost 2 year old but we made the best of it. I am trying to take more pictures lately because I am truly realizing with each day that passes how quickly these years go by. My child will be 2 in 11 days. 2!!! So here is a picture heavy post for ya! Deuce was really good the entire time we were there and only had 1 or 2 meltdowns, neither of which lasted very long. He was very good in the car both there and back, mainly thanks to Pop's Christmas gift of the TVs and Elmo, Toodles & Nemo.
He ate really good while we were there and climbed in the chair to let us know that he was hungry by saying "EAT Mama."
Laura had to work on Thursday so mom and I hung out at the house with Deuce all day. Mom took a little siesta before lunch and then after lunch she took Deuce on a walk so that I could get in a little nap. That was a great nap. In the crisp, cool sheets. Blinds open so the sunlight was shining through. And alone in the bed. That. Never. Happens. Anymore.
Friday it rained all day. And I mean ALL day. It sucked. We couldn't do anything. By the evening the rain had stopped and although it was pretty chilly outside we were going a little stir crazy and decided to go into town. We drove into Beaufort and checked out all of our favorite shops. Then we went over to Atlantic Beach and stopped at the AB Surf Shop. This was Deuce's first trip there. Me and Laura used to go hang out there every single summer growing up. Nana bought Deuce his first AB Surf Shop shirt. The smallest they had was a child's small. It looked like a dress on him. But he didn't care because it had a goldfish on it. And Wawa liked it so much on him that she got one for herself.
After stopping by the shop, we went over to my Aunt & Uncle's house to visit with them. They hadn't seen Deuce in several months so it was nice to visit with them. Then we headed back to Beaufort to eat dinner and walk the Boardwalk to check out the boats. We ate at one of our favorite spots, Clawson's, and Deuce was great through dinner. Right as I was finishing up he wanted out of the booth and when that happens, I know it's time to go. So while mom and Laura finished up at the table, I took him over to the boardwalk.
We watched {okay, I watched} the sunset over the water and it was gorgeous. Deuce just kept trying to sneak onto the boat docks so he could jump on some rich persons yacht.
Reading the important stuff. He would not take his dress of a shirt off.
Throughout our next couple of days at the beach we went on more walks. There is nothing like a boy and his dog. Okay... a boy and his aunts dog.
We walked over bridges.
We found our shadows and played tag.
We stepped back to admire the beauty of our beach house along the most amazing back drop of the intracoastal waterway.
Yeah. That's right.
It's the neighbor's house.

You know he played football.
And tackled his newly found shadow.
He walked Mac on a leash for the first time.
And he was proud about it. My big boy.
He played airplane on the run back to the house. And when Nana was in sight he hollered her name he flew right towards her.
Wawa liked playing airplane too. She's such a good auntie.
We all enjoyed the beautiful water that sits right behind the house.
The poor dock. It has yet to be repaired after last fall's hurricane.
He waved to every boat that came by. Every. Single. One.
All weekend.
"Hi, boat!"
He's a hell of a grass cutter. Papa would be proud.
He played in the sand. With paint cans. We had no sand buckets but these sufficed.
And since the dock hasn't been repaired, the frame left a nice little sand box for him.
Seriously, does the scenery for cutting the lawn get any better?
They are best friends. Well Deuce thinks so anyway. Mac is sometimes scared of him because Deuce chases him everywhere calling his name, "Nac, come!" He wants Mac to sit with him all the time. I tease Laura because Mac is a herding dog and Deuce does nothing but herd him.
"Hey little cruise liner!"
He hauled loads and loads of sand.
And threw sticks in the water.
And he took naps. Good, long naps.
Easter morning he woke up to find the Easter bunny had left him a basket full of books. He loves to read so it was no surprise that his pop up book was ripped to shreds a mere 10 minutes after he found it. Good thing the Easter bunny shops at the dollar store.
He went on his first Easter egg hunt and once he got going he was off. Wawa had to show him how it was done.
He ate as many jelly beans as he could stuff in his mouth at one time. And then he would offer me one when he realized he couldn't fit any more in his mouth.
Hope you all had as wonderful an Easter as we did.
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