Monday, April 9, 2012

The Zoo with Harrison.

Last weekend I took Deuce to the zoo in Asheboro. We met Harrison and Blake & Finley and had a blast! My big boy refused the stroller and walked the entire time. I mean from about 10am until 2pm. Refusing to get in his stroller once we passed through the entrance and made it to the elephants. And he didn't complain or cry one time. He was a little slow moving occasionally but I really think it was only because he was so intrigued with the animals. I know I've told you before but Davis is Harrison's dad. Davis and I went to high school together. And my mom was Davis' first teacher after he moved to NC, in the 5th grade. Luckily for Deuce, Davis was willing to run with him all over the zoo. They would chase each other and run and run and run. I surely appreciated Davis taking care of my little guy.
 Checking out the elephants, rhinoceroses, and some other animals I have no recollection of what they were. They weren't big enough. Maybe some antelope or deer or something. You know, they looked like they run out towards my car at night all the time.
 These were the baboons. I didn't really get any good shots of them because I didn't want any traumatizing pictures of their terribly sun burnt arse.
 Harrison found a plant in the aviary.
 Deuce kept trying to get Harrison to walk with him.
 Looking at birds.
 I have to call his name and snap a picture of him when he least expects it for him to look at the camera. This results in a "huh" look in all of his pictures. Nice. Otherwise he refuses to acknowledge my existence as long as I am holding a camera.
 Blake checking out the baboons. Blake is Davis' niece and she is 2 months younger than Deuce.
 Harrison was determined to pick up this bronze turtle that was stuck to the bench. He was grunting and everything. Super cute.
 The littles checking out the gorillas.
 Watching the 450lb male gorilla eat his lunch. Of leaves. Seriously 450lbs and he eats leaves. This is why I don't bother to eat salad. It's not going to make me any skinnier.
 First ride on a carousel. He was petrified but when it was all said and done he loved it.
 Finley on the carousel. Finley's dad is Alex who I also went to high school with. He graduated with Ed and Davis' older brother Robert (Blake's dad) and they grew up playing ball together.
 He was very serious about the carousel and he would not loosen his grip on the pole.
 I kept trying to get him to look at himself in the mirror but he refused. He was afraid to turn his head. And this was all before we began moving! I mean, I was excited enough for the two of us though. goodness.
 Deuce loves him some Val. He stuck to her side for most of the day. Even when she was carrying Harrison.
 The sea lions put on a show for us down below. They were playing with each other and flipping all over the place. I think this was definitely the highlight for Deuce. He was calling them goldfish. All things that swim are goldfish because Grandpa has goldfish in his backyard.
 Deuce was so good at the zoo that we left with a monkey he appropriately called "George." He was showing George the zoo as we rode the bus back to the parking lot. We had a great time at the zoo and I am looking forward to taking him back with Nana over the summer.

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