Monday, April 16, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures.

Time for some recent pictures off the phone!

He likes dip. Any kind. He eats it straight out of the package. Gross.
Grandpa & Deuce like to color when they are together. They draw each other pictures. Grandpa draws boats and animals and Deuce draws squiggly lines and tells Grandpa that it is a portrait of him.
Somehow he ended up in our bed one morning and crawled to the bottom to watch cartoons. When I woke back up, this is where he was. I had to wake Ed up to make sure he didn't kick him like he does the cat when she's down there.
He really like the Michelin man. And he continued to "high fi" him until he knocked the entire cardboard stand over. Oops.
Showin' off his muscles. If daddy is shirtless then Deuce must be shirtless.
"Fiding" at Bryan Park where his 2nd birthday party will be. In his bedroom slippers. Because that's what he wanted to wear to the park that day.
Mama & Auntie went out!
Some good sleeping.
Packed & ready for the beach.
Where's Deuce?
Come more coloring at the beach house.
All of his friends lined up and ready to watch the boats come by.
Early morning hoops.
Sleeping in the big boy bed at the beach with the goldfish.
Best Buds. sorry for the blurrrrrrrr!
Stacking toys with Uncle Wally.
Ready for Dinner at Clawson's in Beaufort!
Rough Night?
Bath when we got home from the beach.
We have had some trouble getting back into our own bed after staying at the beach for 5 days. UGH!
Deuce and Wawa on the way to Knoxville.
Seriously, this is the life. I LOVE visiting Knoxville. Even if we don't leave Aunt Rita's house.
Warming up to the fire with cousin Jordan.
Somehow, he finds his way to the young, beautiful ladies. Pop kept saying, "Wait until I tell your daddy about this!!" He was constantly in the arms of some super cute coed.
Being smooth with the chicks is hard work.
Watching Toodles with Ryan before the wedding.
He did not leave the dance floor during the entire reception. A full post on our trip to TN soon!

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