Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trip to Knoxville.

A few weeks back Deuce and I went up to Knoxville with my dad and sister to meet the rest of our family for my cousin Jessica's wedding. Any time my family gets together we have a blast. No matter what we're doing we have a lot of fun together. We arrived in Knoxville around 5:30 on Friday afternoon and immediately made our way out back to relax by the pool & the fire.
As is customary for my aunt & uncle's house, there are always people over. Whether it's family or friends, there are always visitors there. So we start up the fire, usually put the race or some sporting event on the TV (unless Grandma is in charge of the remote and then we watch Andy Griffith), drink a  few brews and play games in the yard. Deuce immediately decided to play football with Jordan.
Deuce loves him some Jordan! Then Pop got in on the action.
Then Deuce found Courtney. Courtney's boyfriend Chad is the neighbor and they might as well be family. She has a daughter that is 18 months old and I don't know if she just oozed of mommy vibes but Deuce loved him some Courtney too. Poor girl. She had 2 nights in a row out without her child and mine was glued to her lap the entire time. He's a ladies man.
We called to check on daddy and make sure he was alright at home without us.
Then wedding day arrived. The wedding was at a cute log cabin chapel in Gatlinburg and with it being the opening weekend for Dollywood and some car show in town, it took us 2 hours to get from Knoxville to the wedding. This made for a long journey. We split up into 2 cars and about an hour and a half down the road we had to stop for a bathroom break. We stopped at this country store in the middle of nowhere and went in all dressed up. We definitely looked like true city folks while the store was full of mud covered, overall wearing farmers. So in true country folk style, we picked up a couple of beverages to complete our long journey to Gatlinburg. Shhhhh......
We finally made it to the chapel with only a few minutes to spare before the ceremony started. Luckily someone noticed that Grandma was headed into the chapel with her bedroom shoes on.
Jordan had to take her back to the car so she could put her dress shoes on. We were all laughing so hard we were crying. Including Grandma.
My cousin Robin and her son Weslee. The setting of the chapel was beautiful!
The bride & groom: Jessica & Jason.
While Jessica & Jason were outside taking pictures together, we seized the opportunity to take some family pictures in the chapel. Pop kept Deuce at Aunt Rita's house in Knoxville and I'm very thankful for that. The 4 hours in the car for the 15 minute ceremony probably would have been a little too much for him.
Jordan, Aunt Rita, Uncle Jeff, Ricky
Aunt Rhonda, Ryan & Brandon
(Ryan & Brandon are getting married in September!!)
Aunt Rhonda, Ryan, Laura, Lindsay, Me, Aunt Rita, Ashley & Hailey
Me & Wawa outside the chapel.
Pop brought Deuce to the reception which was back in Knoxville and he was so proud of himself. He had fed Deuce lunch, gotten him to nap, gotten him dressed for the reception and found his way through Knoxville to the banquet hall. He did a darn good job!
And can I just say, my child would not leave the dance floor the entire night.
Like at all.
He threw a tantrum when it was time to go.
The embarrassing kind of tantrum.
I guess I kind of do the same thing when I have to stop dancing too.

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