Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miss Lexi and the Fountain.

We had a play date at the mall last Friday with my girlfriend Erika. Erika was on the dance team at NC State while we were in school & I was coaching all stars and then she coached the team after graduation for a bit. She now coaches the team at UNCG so we have a lot of connections in the cheer world, which was my former life before marriage and baby. We ran into each other in the mall in Greensboro about a year ago at the play place and she has 3 little girls that are 3 years apart. We like to meet up at the mall and let the kids run around. Friday morning she sent me one of those last minute "hey we are going to the mall, come meet us." texts that are so awesome. She only had Lexi, the middle child who is only about 5 months older than Deuce, so he was all excited to go meet "Lesi" to "fide" {slide}. The kids had a great time playing and then we took them to Chick Fil-A for lunch. Is Lexi not the cutest thing??
Erika and I are already planning their wedding. They held hands as they walked through the mall. And after lunch when we were going our separate ways Deuce would not let go of Lexi's hand. It was pretty darn cute. After Lexi left I let Deuce walk around the mall a little more. We went by the Easter bunny and we waved but we also kept a very safe distance from the big-eyed rabbit. Like, really far away. Ed's parents told me they took him to the mall in Chapel Hill and he ran the opposite way when he saw the Easter bunny. LOL!!! We got a cookie from the Nestle Tollhouse store and then he saw IT. I always try to avoid it but I was unable to steer him away this time.
So we went to the fountain but I had a firm conversation with him that he was not to touch the water or try to get in. This water was only to look at. It was not a bath, there were no toys and we didn't have a towel to clean off with. Yeah, see how well that worked...
And when I stood up to make my presence known with a firm "DEUCE!" this is what I got...
Val & Davis call him the silent protester. He is peaceful and quiet but he lays down and straightens his arms & legs as if he cannot be moved. It's hard not to laugh.

In one year from now we will be getting Deuce ready to play his first season of basketball. At 3 he can play in the summer Y league on Saturdays where they practice for 30 minutes and then play a 30 minute game on a 6 foot goal. He is hard at work preparing already. He loves to go outside and "shoop." He hates me video taping though and sometimes he does his silent protesting when he realizes that he is being recorded.
We are headed to the beach today. With ALL of Sesame Street in tow. And they will be watching themselves on TV. Deuce will make sure that they are each positioned appropriately so that they can see the screen. Here's to a peaceful ride and a more peaceful 5 days!

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