Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

I have GOT to get my hands on some of these!  I think it is so adorable when little boys dress up and especially when they wear ties.  When you go into the kids section at this time of the year all you see is bright colors: hot pink, neon green, bright orange and sunshine yellow.  I love these colors.  And 90 percent of the time they are on dresses....for little girls.  Not for boys.  Take a look at the boys section and you see royal blue and light blue and navy blue and maybe something red.  Don't get me wrong, I love blue.  Especially the baby one that is the color of a certain local team.  But sometimes I wish I had a reason to buy all of the cute dresses.  Ed is fully aware that if we have a little girl someday our bank account will be in serious trouble.  Anyway, I found this adorable etsy shop, the little gentleman's closet, and I will be purchasing some super cute dress up accessories for my little guy!
Here is a simple DIY project from The Sweetest Occasion that will spice up your dining area for next to nothing!  The seasonal switcharoos are endless!
And finally...I know I am not the only one out there with a jewelry issue.  Actually, multiple jewelry issues.  1. I have too much jewelry. 2. I have unorganized jewelry.  3. I don't use any of the jewelry boxes I have. 4. My jewelry is everywhere (the bathroom counter, the nightstand, the dresser, my car...).  How about this decorative way to hang your earrings from Positively Splendid, while accessorizing your room at the same time?  I love it!
This weekend is sure to be jam packed for us.  THIS is happening tomorrow night and Ed is playing in it.  I CANNOT wait to watch him play ball again with all of the boys.  It has been 14 years since they last played together.  And Ed's brother is playing for the 80's team.  Since they are almost 10 years apart, they never really played an organized game against each other.
The Carolina Spring Football game is tomorrow also so we will be sitting outdoors watching football before we finish the night with basketball.  On Sunday, TJ has the NC AAU State Championships in Greensboro so there are 2 more basketball games on Sunday.  Whew!  I am already exhausted just thinking about it...

Oh, and in case you didn't see on my facebook...Deuce & Aja met Reggie Bullock and John Henson last night.  He was in awe... he felt the need to show the boys his ripped abs.
Happy Friday!

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