Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY Teacher Appreciation

Did you guys know that last week was Teacher Appreciation Week?  Yeah, I didn't really either until the week was already underway.  I was so focused on crafting mother's day gifts that I didn't have much time to prepare anything daily for TJ's teachers.  Anyway, I found an idea over at Ameroonie Designs that is quick, easy and most importantly CHEAP!  I made TJ's teacher a pencil bouquet.  You can find the instructions HERE
sorry, i took these pictures at about 11pm so there was NO natural light...
only my dark living room/craft space on a tv tray...
Teachers are always needing pencils because kids "borrow" them all the time.  I started this project at about 10pm on Thursday and it only took me a few minutes.  I bought the bucket on clearance at Michael's along with the foam block and got a pack of pencils and thumbtacks from Target.  I already had tons of scrapbook paper so I just used my 2" and 1.5" circle & flower punches to cut the paper.  I also added some leftover lollipops from Deuce's 1st birthday party and a pinwheel I made.  I tied some tulle aroud the bucket and attached a tag.  Super cute!
The pencil pack came with some cute erasers.  You know the kind that have holes in them so you can put them over your pencil?  They were cute shapes so I added them by putting toothpicks in the foam block and sticking the erasers on top all around the front of the bucket.  This came to me the next morning as TJ was walking out the door so I didn't have time to take a picture of that. boo.

TJ was the only kid to bring his teacher a gift ALL WEEK so that made him really happy.  TJ was excited to report back to me that Miss Wall said he had "one creative stepmom."  See other things I have made for her class HERE and HERE.

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  1. BEST stepmom....EVER! You put every other step mom (and a lot of real moms) to shame!!!!!


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