Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hot Momma & Handsome Daddy

Saturday was date night.  Not just a regular date night.  Like our first date night sans kiddos.  EVER.  And we had a big evening planned.  My good friend from grad school, Stephanie, was getting married in Colfax.  Perfect excuse to get dressed up and spend some quality time with the hubs.
I even wore a hat for the occasion.  I think every single woman at the wedding approached me to tell me how much they loved my hat.  Maybe I will wear it more often!  It made getting dressed up even more fun.  I made sure that Ed matched my dress and told him that that's what I was supposed to do as his wife.  I mean it's not like his Polo collection is missing any colors or anything so it wasn't very difficult.
The wedding & reception were at Magnolia Manor right outside of Greensboro.  I don't think Steph could have asked for a better evening to have an outdoor wedding.  The temperature was perfect, the sunset was perfect and the colors blooming were gorgeous.
her bridal portrait
We got there a little later than I would have liked (we did make it before the ceremony started though) so we stood in the back instead of climbing over top of people to get to chairs.  This gave me a chance to get better pictures anyway.  PLUS I had on that ginormous hat so I probably would have been blocking the view of anyone behind me.  Steph looked gorgeous as her dad walked her down the aisle.
The alter was set up on risers right at the base of a beautiful old oak tree.  Off to the right was an amazing fountain area with plants, flowers and water trickling throughout the ceremony.  The musicians sat by the fountain.
I enjoyed the ceremony and it was nice to hold my husbands hand during the entire thing.  The scripture reading was from 1 Corinthians and we squeezed each others hand through it as a reminder of the day that we committed ourselves to each other while listening to the same verses.  It was really fun.  For the reception we moved in to the banquet room in the house where we enjoyed a barbecue buffet dinner with both Lexington & Eastern style barbecue.  If you're not Southern you probably have no idea what I am talking about and you are truly missing out on some good grub.  I even had a small glass of wine - Zinfandel.  I think? I just asked for the "pink stuff."
After dinner the crowd was starting to get jiggy on the dance floor but we dipped out.  It was almost 9 and we had to make the most of our kid-free night.  We quickly raced home to make a fast clothing change and head to the movies.  The last movie we saw was on our anniversary last August.  We went to see The Fast Five (I love me some fast car movies) and I must say it was pretty darn good.  I thoroughly enjoyed Vin Diesel and The Rock beating each other up.  Vin Diesel looks like a little bird compared to The Rock but I still enjoy him.  Anyway, if you like the original Fast & Furious you should go see this movie.  After the movie was over it was well past midnight and this princess was quickly turning back into the frumpy maid.  I could hardly keep my eyes open in the car on the way home.  Sunday morning we were awake by 6am so Ed could get up to go to TJ's basketball tournament in Charlotte.  He was gone by about 7:30am.  I had the whole bed to myself and after I went back to sleep I didn't wake up until 10:30!!!  HOLLA!!  I felt like I was in college again....

So who wants to babysit for the next date night?  Say......this Saturday?

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