Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zoë's 1st Birthday

Quick post today!  It's Cinco de Mayo and I have to head over to Annie's house to celebrate!  Like I am being drug by the hair on my head to go eat Mexican food.  yeah right.  I love Méxicano food!  for realz.  With Sunday being Mother's Day, Annie asked me to help her be crafty with some gifts for the grandma's from Aja.  Yea!!  So tonight's the perfect night.  Mexican food & Crafts.  LOVE.

Sunday, Annie & I took the babes over to Raleigh for the other trio's 1st birthday.  Are you counting?  That's 3 1st birthday parties, 3 weekends in a row!  Wowzas.  Zoë was 1 on April 26th.  They had a cookout at her Aunt Jennifer's house and the kids had a great time!  Deuce loves playing in the dirt and he loves sticks and pine cones.  The backyard was kind of hill-y and he and Aja had a good time trying to walk up and down the hills (or rolling down them too).
New development: we have 3 teeth!  Sort of.  The top right tooth has made it's appearance and is making its transition downwards.  Yeah for teeth!
Lastly, check out this video that my mom sent to me.  It is a music video of the students at her school (Frank Porter Graham Elementary in Chapel Hill) literally rapping & dancing to a track written by a fellow teacher, spelling out the importance of RESPECT.  It is a GREAT video!

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  1. girl, you just wait-- I thought Cal's top teeth would come in one at a time because I saw one little one popping through and then all of a sudden: ALL FOUR top teeth broke through! You talk about drool!!!!! hahaha-- they are so cute with all those chompers though! Chris just keeps getting cuter and cuter!


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