Thursday, May 19, 2011

Babies are {Messy}

Last Thursday my sister kept Deuce for the day so we decided to meet at Southpoint for dinner, after I got off of work.  This way I wouldn't have to drive ALL the way into Raleigh to get him and then turn around and drive ALL the way back to Greensboro.  She obliged and mom decided that she wanted to meet us too.  We decided that Chaamps would probably be the best place to go and it wasn't too busy. 

It was during this rendezvous to Chaamps that I finally came to the conclusion that my child is not a fan of Cheerios.  at. all.  Is that weird?  Aren't all kids supposed to like Cheerios?  And I don't think that he dislikes their taste... I think he feels that they are too small to satisfy his appetite.  I think this because if I put a Cheerio in his mouth he eats it, no problem.  But he sooo enjoys feeding himself now that I do my best allow him to eat finger foods on his own.   

this was the floor after dinner:
 and the table:
{notice the crayon marks in the bottom left corner where he kept throwing the paper on the ground so he could color on the table...sigh.}
I decided that he just threw them on the ground like little pellets that he was annoyed with.  And the ones on the table? Yeah those were the ones I gave him that he didn't have time to throw down before we left.  I mean, I know they are supposed to make a mess, but this was plain ol' Cheerio hatin'.  If I could understand his gibberish, I am pretty confident that he's probably requesting steak quite often.  He's gonna need it if he plans on playing here some day...

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