Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life's Moments Captured Through My Phone

I don't know about you but I find myself randomly going through the image gallery on my cell phone quite often.  Sometimes it's when I'm bored, sometimes it's when I am riding in the car with Ed and sometimes it's when I am feeling just plain nostalgic - as I do today.  One of my good friends Carrie is having her 2nd baby today {scheduled c-section so I am assuming little Andy is already here} and it got me thinking about how it seemed like just yesterday we were both pregnant and then she had number 1, Cal, and I watched him grow through her blog pictures.  Now she is already on number 2 and soon to be starting over with the blog pictures so it has made me a little sentimental.  SAP, I know.  Of course, 99% of my pictures are of Deuce and I love to see the changes he has made in such a short period of time.  Some of them I have posted here to the blog, as well as my facebook, but some of them have never been seen before.  I thought you may enjoy seeing the moments that happened so fast, I only had time to grab my cell...

The day I got my new phone: 9/25/10
Playing in mommy & daddy's bed. 9/26/10
{My name is Rachel Geer and I am a bedside, cup-stacking -aholic.}
Hello bright eyes! 10/1/10
Good Morning! 10/2/10
King of Drool. 10/2/10
Silly Monkey. 10/2/10
Game days make me sleepy! 10/9/10
{I love the pictures in his carseat because it gives such a good measurement of his growth.  His head is now at the top of the carseat and we are on the hunt for big boy carseats that we like & can afford.}
Ready for church! 10/10/10
Working on tummy time. 10/14/10
First time sitting up solo! 10/15/10
Good Morning picture to Nana. 10/16/10
First trip to Charlottesville. 10/16/10
Celebrating with Pop! 10/16/10
Shoutout to Auntie. 10/24/10
Vanessa's going away dinner in Amanda's arms. 11/9/10
Lovin' the door jumper! 11/13/10
Napping during the football game. 11/13/10
First attempt at a sippy cup = juice all down the chest. 11/14/10
We love bath time! 12/16/10
I could watch him sleep for hours. 12/16/10
First time sitting in a highchair while out to eat. 12/17/10
Daddy took me to visit mommy at work.  I even got my own visitor's badge. 12/23/10
Christmas Eve is too much for the boys. 12/24/10
Santa was good to me! 12/26/10
Guess what I can do? 12/26/10
Love from daddy. 12/27/10
Post-Christmas shopping wears a baby out! 12/28/10
My 1st Tennessee basketball game. 12/31/10
I can keep myself busy for at least....5 minutes in here! 1/19/11
This is how much I like my bath tub. 2/25/11
Hanging with Nana & Grandpa. 4/13/11
Fun with daddy. 5/7/11
The big boy chair. 5/12/11
He LOVES the big boy chair.  It's like his "home base." 5/14/11
{O.M.G. The hair is out of control!!!}
So there you have it.  8 months of random pictures.  You probably don't get the same thrill that I do from seeing all of these particular pictures but that's okay.  Maybe it will inspire you to go back through some of your old family pictures to relive some great memories.

PS. If anybody knows how to recover chairs {Carol Richards} please let me know!  This is TJ's old chair & it's pretty ugly & gross.  I would love for it to look slightly (okay, a lot) more updated.

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