Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites

I only have 1 favorite today.  Wanna guess what this is?
Yes. This is my trash.  Full of empty cans of Enfamil formula.  Wanna know why this is my favorite for today?  Because this is the last I will see of them in my house. (at least until bebe numero dos arrives - someday). At roughly $25-$28 a pop, I am happy to be putting that mula into something else every 3-4 days!  Like my gas tank down to RTP and back every day!! That picture represents at least $100 and lasted all of 3 weeks probably.

We're movin' on up like George & Weezy!
Hope all my ladies have a Happy Mother's Day!
And to my own momma, I LOVE YOU!

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