Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Here are my favorites from this week:

Mini Lasagna Cups
If you like lasagna you HAVE to try this.  You don't have to be an expert cook to make these either.  They are so delicious and so simple to make!  Very few ingredients are required and very little time too!  Perfect recipe for me!  I made them on Wednesday night and Ed really liked them too so we will definitely be adding this to our collection of favorite recipes.  This is a GREAT weeknight meal that is quick to whip up!  Amanda gives great step by step instructions and amazing photos as well.  Find it all HERE.  Side note:  Wonton wrappers are usually in the fresh food section (they are refrigerated).  I had no idea the first time I ever made Crab Rangoon and I walked around aimlessly {mostly in the international section} for awhile until I finally asked someone.

Ruffled Sunglasses Case
Okay, so problem numero uno: I have no idea how to sew.  I have stated before that I can sew a button on a shirt but that's about it.  But if this project doesn't make you want to learn how to sew then I don't know what will.  Amy gives a great detailed tutorial on how to create one of these adorable cases.  I may be begging for my mom's help with her sewing machine to make one of these!  Get the details HERE.

Hanging Jewelry Display
I immediately thought of my mom when I saw this.  This is something she would love to have, but also something that she would love to create.  Simple, yet clean.  Vintage, yet chic.  I love it!  Get the step by step details on how to create one of these beauties with a few items from the hardware store HERE.
 I would love to know what YOU are working on!

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