Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY: Simple Gift for the Ladies

Need a quick, cheap gift to give a coworker or a friend?
Here is a very simple, sweet smelling Hand Scrub.
And you can make it with stuff that you most likely have in your house already!
I thought that TJ would like to make something for his mom this year for Mother's Day.  Knowing his attention span is very short, I had to come up with something that could be done quickly.  Unless, of course, I just wanted to finish the project myself.  He liked the idea of making her something so we set off to the store, just the two of us.  I gave him a short list of items that he needed to grab and I tried to resist the temptation to tell him where everything was.  He needs to learn how to work a grocery store on his own by reading the signs and searching for the products.  So he bought his ingredients and scanned them at the self check out.  I think that was his favorite part.
To make this hand scrub we started with our glass jar and our sugar.  We poured the sugar into the glass jar to measure exactly how much we would need.  We filled it to the base of the neck of the jar.  Then we dumped the sugar into our mixing bowl.  
We added hand soap (TJ picked the pomegranate mango scent.  I wanted to get the coconut one because it reminded me of the beach but he wanted the other because it was for his mom, after all.)  
and mixed it in the sugar until it reached a nice creamy consistency.  
Then we added a little food coloring (not too much because the soap was already a pink color but if we had gotten the clear coconut we could have made it whatever color we wanted...just sayin') and stirred it in to the mixture.  
Then we sprinkled some cinnamon in to give it a warm spice smell.  After all of the mixing was done, we poured the concoction in to our glass jar.  It poured really easy and clean, thanks to the soap.  
Then we added a label that I had made and tied some tulle around the jar and attached a "Happy Mother's Day" tag that TJ signed. 
Very simple, quick and easy.  Plus, I tried it out myself and it really did leave my hands feeling extra soft & clean.

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  1. how much soap and how much sugar do u use? what color food coloring did u use?


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