Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  Check out some of my favorite finds from this week.

Art Activity Wall
You know how you always have this vision of what your dream house will look like (or does look like if you are that lucky)?  How will it be decorated inside?  How many rooms you will have and what each room will be?  Yeah, I do that all the time.  Ed & I enjoy riding through neighborhoods and picking out houses we like and those we don't and combining all of our favorites.  Well I stumbled upon this picture and decided that ONE DAY, when we have a BIG HOUSE, with a BIG PLAYROOM....I want this!  Only problem is: I hope we can afford that nice, new house with a bonus room before the kids outgrow this.  I picture them away from me, door shut & drawing on the walls and NOT getting in trouble for it.  bliss.  Get the details HERE.
Library Cards 
Yeah I'm not a part of a book club and I don't participate in any book swaps but I still thought this idea was super cute!  I love all things paper & packaged so I thought this could still work for some of my good books that I lend to friends every so often.  Okay like maybe once a year but still...
Heck, Nana is a reading teacher so maybe I could make them for her!  Get the scoop HERE.
Sponge Water Bombs
I don't see me giving these to TJ right now for him to "bomb" Deuce with but Deuce would probably love to play with these in the bathtub.  Or the beach when we go next weekend.  Maybe I'll take a bunch of sponges to the beach and have Nana & Auntie help me make them.  Then we can surprise the boys by bombing them.  Super easy instructions HERE.

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