Monday, May 23, 2011

His Many Faces...

Yesterday marked 13 months old for Deuce.  And with that 13 months comes quite the personality.  
The tantrums have started.  The gibberish has started.  The hyperness has started.  But I tell you what, the really good, tight hugs have started.  The intentional smiles and giggles have started.  The nonstop "dada, dada, dada" has started and it feels so good.  The way Ed smiles every time he hears his name makes me light up as though he is finally calling me mama (which is a rare occasion, by the way).  It is becoming more and more evident that he has quite the combination of mine & Ed's personalities.  Here is a taste of Ed's personality...and an even more obvious glimpse into why he acts just like his daddy most days.
And we wonder why he drools so much?

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