Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is Deuce's first St. Patty's Day! 
I went to get him dressed this morning and realized that momma has slim pickin's to choose from!  My baby is growin' and growin' fast!!  He is in 18 month sized clothes and luckily his Auntie got him this really cute green turtle outfit from Calvin Klein before he was even born.  Well the "outfit" is actually pajamas but who would know that by him just wearing the shirt, right?  I mean he needed something green and this was all I had!  So we got dressed and off we went.

I slaved over the stove last night.  After making a delicious WW baked spaghetti dinner, complete with a caesar salad, I made another batch of my rainbow cupcakes.  This batch was for TJ & his class so I made them the regular way and used real frosting (although I did add some whipped cream just because I love the way it makes the frosting so light).  I was making cupcakes well past midnight!  1 point for the step mom!  In honor of St. Patty's Day, I embellished them.  I used food coloring to taint the frosting green.  Then I used Sour Airhead Rainbow candy to make a rainbow over the cupcake & topped each one off with a Rolo as the pot of gold.  I think they turned out pretty cute!
TJ was with his mom last night so I took Deuce with me to the school this morning to deliver the cupcakes.  Deuce had never been inside TJ's classroom and I have only been a few times.  So I had him on one hip and 2 dozen cupcakes in my free arm and down the hallway we went.  Of course TJ's classroom is like the very last door at the other end of the school.  Not only was TJ excited to see Deuce when we walked in but so were the rest of his classmates.  His teacher, Ms. Wall, was excited to finally see Deuce too.  She informed me that she had heard so much about him because TJ talks about him all the time.  Deuce just smiled at all of the kids as they "awww'd."  I only stayed long enough to tell the kids to have a good day because I still had my 1.5 hour drive to work.  They hadn't seen the cupcakes at that point so I will be excited to hear what TJ has to say about them.
Moving on.  For those of you that do not know this about me, I used to coach 6 national championship cheerleading & hip hop teams (simultaneously while in school & working a full time job, I might add) and we travelled all over the country competing.  I judged numerous competitions and travelled all over the country choreographing routines for schools, all star gyms and collegiate teams.  I did this for several years and it was my life.  I mean I had no time to have any other type of life.  My best friends were my coworkers (they still are my best friends - including my sis) and we spent every free second dancing or choreographing or travelling.  I left this life behind in 2007 as I was in the middle of graduate school at Elon in Burlington, living & working in Chapel Hill & coaching in Raleigh.  Plus I was dating Ed in Greensboro....  Whew!  (That's why I have no issue driving so far to work - I've always been in the car!)  Anyway, while I could never go back to this way of living with my family lifestyle the way it is right now (which I love so much!) I seriously miss dancing sooo bad!  I miss the nights when me & my girls would be in the gym with hip hop blaring from the speakers, at midnight, dancing our butts off and coming up with the next hot thing to teach our kids!  So I have been looking to fill that void.  And I think I may have found it in - ZUMBA!
If you are my friend on facebook you may have seen that I took my first Zumba class on Tuesday night.  It was a blast!  I have been looking for an adult hip-hop class to take but haven't been able to find one that fits my schedule (or my budget).  While I was checking out Break N Out Dance Studio, I noticed that they offered a Zumba class.  My sister has the video series and had told me that she liked it.  The class met on Tuesdays at 7:30 which would give me plenty of time to back to Greensboro and it's right near Ed's job & the Y so it would be an easy place to meet & exchange Deuce.  PLUS, it's only $5 for a 1 hour class!  So I made up my mind that I was going to go.  When I told Ed, he was really excited that I was really excited to get back in to doing something, anything!!  The class is first come-first serve and I didn't realize how popular it is.  I went straight there from work so I met Ed at about 7pm, 30 minutes before the class started.  I still had to change & get myself acquainted with the facility.  Boy was I glad I got there when I did....they only allow 40 people to take the class (seriously, that's a lot of people packed into 1 dance studio) and by 7:15 the class was already full and they were having to turn people away.  When I signed in at 7pm I was the 25th person on the list!!  There was a plethora of ages & body types in that room, which I loved.  Some skinny minis and some chunky monkeys, some college kids and some grandmas!  I loved it.

The instructor, Braden, was awesome!  He was so energetic & positive and just made the class really fun.  Don't get me wrong, it was hard.  After about minute 12, I could have laid down and passed out if I really wanted to and I still had 48 more minutes to go.  But the music was awesome and it was so much more like dancing than working out, which is what I am much more used to and enjoy so much more.  My dad says he wants a video of me Zumba-ing and my response to that is: sure, no problem!  Just as soon as I look like one of the girls on Dancing with the Stars...  My calves are tight today making me walk with a limp and my arms hurt from all of the salsa circles and Bollywood stuff but it's that good kind of hurt.  You know, the kind where you feel like you actually did something good for your body?  And I know why all those girls have bangin' abs...with as fast as you have to move, you better squeeze those suckers tight!

Well I went ahead and bought a package of 5 classes.  I can't wait until the next one!!!

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  1. LOVE the cupcakes. And that's it, I need to try a Zumba class already!!


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