Monday, March 28, 2011

Only in NC

It was just last week that we were wearing shorts & tshirts and it was 80+ degrees outside....
 And this morning...there was snow.  Like big flakes of snow.  Like so big that Deuce was beyond excited as soon as the garage door came creeping up.
Yes, it looks like rain but it's really snow!  I apologize for not having a super fancy camera that actually captures images like snow falling.  I just relied on my super fancy cell phone that I can whip out of my pocket at a moments notice.  Nana is on Spring Break this week so Deuce is staying with her and giving Grandma & Grandpa a break.  It was still snowing when we got to Nana's house too.  I am sure those two will have a great time this week, bird watching from the sun room, visiting the horses, napping on the front porch swing and plenty of banging pots & pans. 

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