Monday, March 21, 2011

Tar Heels are On to the Next One!

I had the fortunate luck of being offered a ticket to the UNC/Washington game in Charlotte yesterday.  And I turned it down.  Yep, that's right I said no husband can't go with me.  It was an offer for only 1 ticket.  And not only that, TJ had his tournament this weekend so even if there was more than 1 ticket, Ed couldn't have gone.  "You are crazy!!" some of you are probably thinking...I know!  I was thinking that too and kicking myself in the tail at the same time.  But first let me back up.  Most of you know how we are about our Tar Heels.  We don't go to anything without the other.  Ever.  It's what we do for fun.  It's our version of quality time together versus some people's dinner & a movie.  That's just how we roll and it's what works for us.  Last weekend my husband was offered 1 single ticket to go to the ACC tournament with some buddies.  He said he couldn't go.  He didn't want to go without me. (Really, he knew I would be so ill and I'm sure he didn't want to deal with that, lol!)  But seriously, he passed up the tickets to sit on the couch and watch the games with me.  I mean don't hate...he could have gone, I didn't tell him "No" (not really, kinda sorta.)  But I would have gotten over it...eventually.  Anyway, when I was offered the ticket, I said no...after some hesitation.  Hypocrite much?
When I told Ed I had turned it down he was more than encouraging me to go to the game.  He told me I should really go because it was Carolina - Washington and the 3rd round game (3rd round still sounds weird to me but whatever).  So after a BRIEF "are you sure?" I called to see if the ticket was still available and lucky for me, it was!  So late Saturday evening, I made plans for mom to watch Deuce and I headed to Charlotte with my good friend Patrice.  We met up with Mindy and her two boys, Gavin & Garrett, and headed over the the arena.  I have been to games with Mindy before but they were all at the Smith Center.  I have been to Time Warner Cable arena several times to see the Bobcats play.  I have even been to see the Heels play in the Elite 8 and beat Louisville to advance to the final four but we were sitting like with God in the clouds so going with Mindy to this game was even better!
Thanks to Mindy & her husband Jerod, we had prime seats not too far behind the bench.  Like seats right in front of Phil Ford (yes, that's him above) and right behind Coach William's wife.  Like seats right below the box where MJ was sitting.  Like THE MJ that adorns my baby son's wall with his shoes!  So Serious.
What a great game it was.  A very rough, physical game but I enjoyed the outcome so it was a good game to me.  I was glad that I got to be there in person and that my husband was so happy for me to be able to go with girlfriends!
When we were leaving the game I thanked Mindy and told her that she had no idea how much it meant for me to go to the game with them and sit in the coach's section among some of the greatest UNC basketball legends.  She replied, "Oh, I think I do.  I read your blog."  I guess I do write something about the Heels in like, every other post, huh?  LOL!  So big shout out to Mindy and Coach Haase for sharing their tickets with me!  And thanks to Chris (Patrice's husband) for having an un-reschedulable tennis match he just had to go to.  In the words of the sweet lady cheering loudly behind us, "Aww, Shucks!"
So it's on to the Sweet Sixteen for the Heels and on to the next one with Marquette.  Oh, and when I picked Deuce up on Friday, he was still in his turtle pj's.  I guess grandma liked them too so she decided only to change his undershirt!

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