Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11 Months Old!

My little man is 11 months old today!  Ugh, I am so sad about this.  In exactly 1 month he will be turning a year old and will no longer be a baby.  I keep hearing that after they turn 1, they are 5 before you know it and then starting middle school and then getting their license and then going to college and then it's all over and then I'm officially old.  Okay, so I may be over dramatizing a little bit but still... he was just in my belly.

I sent Ed THIS video yesterday because I couldn't believe watching it how small he was.  It seems like eons ago yet everything from the past year has just happened way too quickly, if that makes any sense at all.  We are experiencing our first chest cold right now, with a little cough and a runny nose, so when he had a hard time falling asleep last night, I rocked him in the rocking chair in the nursery.  He was so sleepy that he just balled up and laid his little head on my chest, exactly the way he did when he was only a few days old.  The only difference is, is that this time my arms felt like they were extended so far away from my body in order to hold him up unlike the first week when he was only 7 lbs and I could balance him with one hand.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  So I just held him for awhile in the pitch black and let him sleep in that little ball curled up on my chest.  I won't be able to do that for too much longer.
Anyway, this morning when we got to Grandma's I decided that I would let him walk to the door.  Besides the fact that he is sooo heavy in the car carrier, he gets so excited every time he walks.  So I got him out of the car and we walked to Grandma's doorstep, while only holding one hand.  He almost fell a couple of times and I think he just wanted to get down and crawl some but we kept at it and we made it up the stairs and to the door.  Grandma was so excited to see him at the door when she opened it.  And he was just as excited, lighting up and flashing his gummy grin.
I don't have any stats info because we don't go back to the doctor until after his birthday, unless of course his cold doesn't get better.  He loves, loves, loves to eat.  Anything!  He especially likes cheese and bananas.  Anything that we eat that I feel like he can eat sans teeth, we give to him.  He hasn't turned his nose up at anything yet.  The teeth still haven't come in yet.  I was sure they would have been in already since he's had those blister-like bubbles on his bottom gum for about 2 weeks, but nothing yet.  He is in size 18 month clothing so I had to go shopping for him last week to get him some essentials.  Daddy was excited to see him in his first pair of basketball shorts.
I am busy planning the birthday party and have some great stuff to share!!!

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