Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch Dates Don't Get Any Better Than This

I had a hot lunch date this week.  No, it wasn't my husband.  It was the other main man in my life. 
Since my mom is keeping Deuce this week, she wanted to meet for lunch on Tuesday.  We got together with my sister and met up at Moe's over by Southpoint.  It was one of the best lunch dates ever!  He was so good while we were in the restaurant, eating his butterscotch pudding and mashed potatoes.  Then he topped off his lunch with a bottle. 
Me & Laura had quesadillas while Nana had a taco salad.  Although it was a bit chilly, it was absolutely beautiful outside (albeit SNOW from the day before) so we went outside to the fountains after we finished eating.  The fountain was the perfect level for Deuce to walk around.  He walked and walked and walked!  I'm not sure he would have ever stopped!
And when I say that daddy has taught the little guy how to "roar" like a lion, I mean like he greeted another little cutie with a nice "welcome to the fountain" roar.  Or maybe it was a "back away from my fountain" roar.  After a few minutes he was done with her and continued to walk in circles. 
Auntie even picked him up to see the water but quickly decided she better hold on tight as he promptly attempted to climb in.
I hated to leave but I had to go back to work.  He was having so much fun that I don't even think that he noticed I was gone.  As I drove away, one glance back had him still walking around the fountain.  Seriously, who wants to go back to work after that?
And you know how we are watching our weight?  Well Deuce decided he wanted to get in on the action and test out the Ab Roller.  I think he thoroughly enjoyed it.
And Nana just sent me a text with this, saying he took almost a 2 hour morning nap!  I wonder why???
(And yes, I know....I'm looking at this thinking: "mommy needs to buy the child some longer overalls...  Damn, I can't squeeze him in the 12 month clothes anymore!")

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  1. That pic mom took of you and Duece is sooooo good. Also, I love the vacuuming picture too. He looks so excited to help with his oh so tight overalls on. haha


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