Friday, March 18, 2011

We had the a Bar?

In my best Reese Witherspoon voice.  Well sort of, but not really.  We have started a weekly, Thursday night dinner for the girls and the babes and last night we went to Bailey's Pub & Grille in Chapel Hill.  It was a great spot for St. Patty's day with everyone dressed in green and plenty of TVs broadcasting the NCAA tournament.  And our babies weren't the only ones under 5 in attendance, so there!  Ed & TJ have basketball practice on Thursdays and they don't get home until about 9 so it's a great night for me to catch a few hours of gabbing with the ladies! 
Annie says this is Aja's new favorite spot to rest her the bottom of her nostril!  LOL!
We ordered food and sipped on...water, while Aja & Deuce shared a plate of chicken nuggets & fries.  There was even a really nice, little man dressed as a leprechaun making balloon animals for all of the kids.  Aja got a really pretty flower and Deuce got a blue bear that he proceeded to pop and shred only a few minutes later.  He enjoyed it temporarily though.
Annie loves her some Deuce!  He eventually gave in and slobbered on her.
And I just have to show you the cute turtle pajamas that I was talking about yesterday.  I wish they made them in big people sizes!  He was waving to me (or to the cabinet to be technical) after he just tore all of the toilet paper off of the roll (see the floor?)
Banging on the dresser drawers.
Checking his pj's out in the mirror.
And yes, I let him wear them to Grandma's this morning.  Don't worry I gave her an outfit to change him in to.  I mean he did wear that shirt all day yesterday!
TJ has a basketball tournament in Durham this weekend so we'll be back in our normal routine of basketball, bleachers and boys!  Happy Weekend!

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