Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lazy Sundays

I love Sundays.  Well, until about 8pm mostly when I have to start preparing for the work week.  I am a Lifetime Movie Network, lay around for a little while, play in the yard some and go for walks with my husband kind of girl!  And when the weather is nice it makes my Sunday so much better! 

Until Deuce was about 9 months old, we would all sit in the sanctuary every Sunday during church.  He would either sleep or sit on my lap just looking around.  But once he hit 9 months he decided he wanted to yell & coo and jump around in church.  So off to the nursery it was.  At our church there are no nursery "workers."  You have to stay with your child in the nursery.  But I'm totally cool with that!  There is children's church (the equivalent to Sunday School) that goes on during the worship service but I think you have to be 4 to go.  The church nursery is really nice.  It's equipped with several recliners, a changing station, a crib, and a flat screen TV for all of the parents to watch the service.  That way we don't miss a thing...except for all of the time that we spend making sure our child doesn't steal another kids toy.  There are several other babies that are Deuce's age that are in the nursery every Sunday so I enjoy sitting with the other parents and listening to the service while the kids play.  Ed & TJ sit in the sanctuary and they come down to get us after the service is over.
I made the boys pose for a quick shot after church.  Deuce just wanted to play with TJ's head.  He adamantly refused to look at me.  Maybe it's because he is annoyed by the billions of pictures I take of him everyday???
This is one of Deuce's favorite things to do.  He is very close to walking, he just doesn't realize it.  He loves for daddy to swing him around and he giggles and cackles so hard & loud.  It's like the best noise I've ever heard in my life!  I could watch these two for hours!
Then I made Ed take a picture of me.  I am almost always the one behind the camera so I have to constantly remind myself that after all of these years have gone by, I won't have very many pictures of myself with the family if I don't ask someone to take them for me!  I just don't think about it often.  Plus, I am very selective about which pictures I will allow others to see of me, lol!  I'm not really too fond of the one below but hey, it's the only one from the whole day.
After we got home and watched that terrible basketball game, we went out to play.  It was so nice and warm.  Deuce had a great time playing in the dirt.  He was crawling everywhere, eating grass and digging his hands in the mud.  I wasn't bothered by it the least.  That's what baths are for right?  And this kid loves his bath so why not let him get dirty?
And when I say that my child may just have been born to be a football player, I tell you that I caught him in this stance several times on Sunday.  With the football at his finger tips.  Totally unprompted.  Getting ready to come off the D-Line and crush the quarterback.  Lord, help my child's momma.  He'll probably want to play the piano...(I'm okay with that too as I secretly cringe.  No offense to anybody that plays the piano or anything).
I felt like I was snapping his high school football pictures.  You know the ones where they pose in their pads on the football field?  (I'll find a pic of Ed in that pose from high school and post it.)  And I'm cringing again at the above written words: "Class of '29."  That will be exactly 30 years after I graduated high school.  Ewwwwww.......

So here's to all of the Lazy Sundays I have to enjoy with my baby between now and 2029!

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  1. I LOVED this post!!!!! First of all, I am hardly ever in any pictures because I live behind the camera. If I don't ask someone to take them (or do a horrid "self shot"), I am never in pictures! Second, I loved the football pictures! Cal and Deuce will be on the team together (or playing against each other???)....I love another football momma....and I cringe too at the thought of Cal deciding to not play sports. I would be fine with it, but it would be such a change to what we *expect* you know? Maybe he will be a piano playing quarterback??? haha: well rounded!
    I want to see y'all again!!!! xoxox


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