Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saturday Playdate

Deuce & I met up with Annie and Aja at TJ's basketball tournament this past weekend.  Boy, were they a handful and loads of fun.  There was like a 5 hour break in between TJ's two games on Saturday so Annie & I took the kids off for the afternoon to play.  We started out by having lunch at Johnny Carino's at Southpoint.  There was hardly anyone in the restaurant which was such a wonderful thing.  We sat the babes next to each other in high chairs and within 5 minutes, Aja had grabbed Annie's full glass of water and dumped it all over herself, the table & the floor.  She had the most adorable look on her face like, "What are you guys freaking out about?  Yeaaaa, water!"  It was hilarious.  The kids snacked on bread, pasta, & puffs and took turns sharing sippy cups.  They are so cute, these two.  We just can't get enough!
After lunch we went over to Southpoint.  The weather was beautiful and we took the kids to the indoor playland thing they have.  It's all carpeted and the obstacles are padded so they could climb all over everything.  The only problem was that the "goal" of this playland thing is for the parents to sit back while the kids burn off energy but when your kids can't walk yet, you end up burning all the energy following them around.  There were so many bigger kids in there that were running wild.  And what 4 year old is really paying attention to a baby crawling below them?  None.  So we had to chase them everywhere they went to make sure they didn't get trampled on.  And they were climbing all over everything so we had to make sure they didn't fall.  These two are fearless!
They both went down the slide and Aja found a tunnel she loved.  At one point I couldn't find Annie and finally she came out from the other side of the tunnel, chasing after Aja.  Aja kept trying to climb up the slide backwards. 
Deuce loved walking all along the padded walls and playing with the games and mirrors.  There was a little old Asian couple that was sitting down while their grandchildren were running around and Aja crawled over to them.  The lady picked her up and sat her on her lap.  Aja just sat there looking around like they were her grandparents and she had know them her whole 11 months of living.  Imagine this: a half Mexican-half black baby sitting in the laps of two teeny old Asian people.  It was so cute!!!  I wanted a picture but I didn't want to freak them out with all of my incessant photo taking.
After letting them play for awhile, we walked around the mall.  This didn't last too long though because we didn't have strollers so walking the mall with to 20+ pound babies, after just spending over an hour chasing them in playland = EXHAUSTING!  We stopped to grab a drink and sucked it down!  The babies were tired and we were sweaty & stinky.  Annie was nice enough to pay for valet so we didn't have to hike 10 miles across the parking lot in the sun, with the 20+ pound babies and once we got going in the AC, both little ones were fast asleep.

Our next stop was at Annie's parents house in Chapel Hill.  We went by there for a little while and hung out on the back porch while the kids enjoyed their first push up icee's.  That was hilarious!  Aja crushed hers, tossing her head back like it was a bottle of brew.  Deuce ate his a little slower but cried when it was gone.

We headed back to Morrisville for TJ's final game of the day.  The kids were so active we had to sit on the floor at the end of the court so they could play.  They were trying to walk and crawl out on to the court.
After the game was over we said goodbye to Annie & Aja and started the journey home.  However, as is customary for the Geer's, we stopped on Franklin Street to eat dinner before heading back to Greensboro.  It's funny, Ed and I have lived in Chapel Hill pretty much our entire lives and have spent more time on Franklin Street than we can even remember, yet there is something special about our hometown and we check in every chance we get.  It was a beautiful night. 
Deuce was so tired that when we got home I changed his diaper, changed his clothes and put on his pj's, clipped his fingers and toes, swaddled him up and got him to bed...all without him waking up one time.

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