Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why We Didn't Make it to Church...

When you are broke you have to resort to staying home = Geer family stays home A LOT!  And when you have to stay home, you need to play outside or go for a walk, or grill out or do something to keep from sitting on the couch all day in PJs catching up on DVRd episodes of Grey's, Private Practice, Y&R and oh yes...90210.  (Or maybe that's just me that tends to do that when I stay at home all day.)  So we took full advantage of the amazingly warm February Sunday that we had and hung out outside.  And yes, we skipped church this Sunday to do that.  Sorry God, please forgive us.  Plus, gas is really expensive and driving 30 minutes each way to High Point would really put a dent in the gas tank budget that is already non-existent for the week until payday on Friday.

Well I should start with my little monkey, Curious George.  He is everywhere and in to everything.  I feel like we watch him pretty consistently and he is always right there beside one of us but I will admit that this past week I have caught him with several small objects in his mouth.  Objects that I would have never seen on the floor because they were all clear and small.  And yes, we do believe in vacuuming in our house but that obviously doesn't eliminate the potential for something to end up in his mouth because the $400 vacuum didn't pick it up!  So I have been trying to watch him like a hawk at all times, even if it means that I am going to be an extra 30 minutes late to work because I can't take my eyes off of him for more than 10 seconds to put on my makeup or load up the car.  He has become fascinated by a basket that holds some of my toiletries and after several attempts to put each item back as he took it out, I have resorted to just letting him rip it all apart while I tell myself, "I'll just get it later, I guess."  Kind of like I'll get to the clothes later, and the dishes later and the vacuuming later....wait, I mean I do vacuum.  Sometimes.  10 months later & I'm still figuring this motherhood thing out.  Everyday is something new & different.  But it's awesome!
So anyway, back to the Sunday we skipped church for.  It was so warm and beautiful outside!  After spending a good portion of the morning tearing the house up, Deuce needed a nap with daddy before heading outside.  Oh, how those are the best naps!
So outside we went.  To play and bask in the warm sun that has been hiding for far too long.  There are two reasons why my child is outside in just a diaper in February.  1. It was like 80 degrees.  2. He has been going through so many clothes due to an explosive be-hind and he drools so much that his little chest gets sort of rashy from being wet all the time that I wanted his sweet, soft skin to breathe some fresh air.  Plus he took off after the basketball in the dirt so why mess up anymore clothes?
Aunt Laura got TJ and new skateboard for Christmas and Sunday was really the first time he had the opportunity to try it out.  Ed kept egging him on telling him to go fast down hills and stuff thinking he would be scared or fall or something (isn't that what all dad's do?  pick on their kids?)  but TJ did quite well on it.  And then after Deuce saw him on it, you know he had to try.

And munchkin is becoming more advanced with his crawling.  He has moved up to the caveman walk on all fours.  A sure sign that he will be standing on his own and taking steps in the near future.
Monday brought the new work week and in true dirty butt fashion, as we were heading out the door (me with baby on hip, diaper bag, bottle bag, my lunch bag, keys & cell phone in hand while trying to close the door) felt/heard a bomb exploding on my hip.  Seriously?  After I had loaded up everything in my arms and was rushing, while trying not to twist my ankle in my not-so-high heels.  And then the smell hit me and I had to drop everything (excluding the baby) and hold him out at arms length to ensure that I didn't mess up my super cute silk shirt and black pants I had taken 20 minutes to pick out an hour and a half earlier.  O.M.G.  This one required a total wash down!  So I had to take a deep breath and smile knowing that I was going to be late to work, and just make sure I didn't get anything on myself.  Because then I would have had to spend another 20 minutes picking out clothes and then another 10 ironing, etc. etc. etc...  Grandma has taught Deuce to scrunch up his nose and curl out his lips and make a pee yew sniffing sound so when he blew out his diaper and then did his sniffing thing I just had to stop, smile and make a mental note of how cute my little dude was, even with the rankest doo doo seeping through his clothes.
"Yeah I did it, so what?  Plus I wiggled one arm out of these stupid straps.  What 'cha gonna do about it?"
I made sure to pack plenty of extra clothes and when I picked him up Monday, sure enough, he had been changed.  I honestly believe it's his teeth.  This morning I checked his gums and there were two blister-like "bubbles" right in the middle of his bottom gum.  Progress!!!  They are going to pop through at any minute!  Other than all of the super, dirty diapers they don't seem to be bothering him too much.  Thank goodness! 

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  1. Yay...So glad TJ finally tried out the skate board and was good at it. Can't wait to see it for myself.


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