Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner Date with Aja

Deuce had a dinner date last night.  He met up with Aja at Armadillo Grill in Carrboro.  Armadillo is where everyone from Chapel Hill High used to go eat so they decided to make that the location of their first dinner date.  Us mommies supervised while they ate side by side, sharing a bowl of refried beans.  Yes, I said refried beans.  Aja is half Mexican so she thought it was appropriate and Deuce is not one to shy away from the ladies...or turn down any food. (I apologize for the pics.  I forgot my camera so these were all taken with my phone.)
Aja was scoping the situation to make sure she was cool with it.
They engaged in heavy conversation consisting of mostly "oh's" and "uh's" and "ya's" and a few squeals every now and then.  They clapped for each other, waved bye-bye and shared their toys.  They also got out of their high chairs and walked in circles around them, as well as the tables nearby.
And don't worry Ashwon, when Deuce tried to cop a feel, your little lady tried to bite his hand.
But then, at the end of the night, Aja leaned in for a goodbye kiss....
And Deuce was quite the gentleman, politely pecking her on the forehead.  Or maybe it was more like slobbering on her forehead??
The cute couple and the chaperone's.
(Photo courtesy of Annie & the weird guy that took the picture for us)
We got back to Greensboro way passed bed time.  A dinner date sure can wear you out as was witnessed this morning on the way to Grandma's!
And before we went to dinner, Deuce and I stopped by one of daddy's favorite spots in the whole wide world to snap a picture.  We had to check out the progress and give him a report.  Everything is looking good!

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