Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ramblings of a Busy Bee.

We've been busy lately. It all started last week when we had that really bad thunder and lightning storm. It was so bad over our house that it woke me up from a deep sleep at 12:59 to be exact. I love sleeping to a good thunderstorm but this was no good thunderstorm. This was a scare the pee pee out of you storm. {not literally but I bet if I had been pregnant it would have...} So I know this storm was right over our house. And I know that everyone says that but I am so serious. It was totally right over our house and a lightning bolt hit something around it. I have never heard anything like this noise before, the sound of lightning actually striking. It sounded like the loudest pop rocks that you have ever heard with a bomb exploding at the end of it. I jumped out of bed so quick to look out the window because I just knew that our house or the trees behind us were going to be on fire. Ed immediately discovered that the flat screen TV in the bedroom was completely blown. {No, we are idiots and didn't have that one plugged into a surge protector. The one in the living room is though, thanks goodness.} But we were too tired to survey the rest of the house so after the storm drifted away we went back to sleep. {Amazingly the babe didn't wake up, he only rolled over and continued to snore.} We got up dressed for work and were rushing out of the house the next morning when we realized that the garage door had been blown too. Great. But we had to go to work so we were thinking whatever, as the dollar signs just added up in my head. A new TV & fixing the garage door. Then when I got home from work, the house was like 85 degrees. Yeah, the whole HVAC unit blew too. This would be the third time in 2 months we have been with no AC. And this weekend the temperature dropped tremendously so we woke up on Saturday morning and it was below 60 degrees in the house because when your AC doesn't work, neither does your heat. And our space heater that we use to heat the whole house in the winter...yeah it blew up too. So no TV, no garage door, no ac and no heat. Lovely. And Ed's uncle Marvin passed away at 87 years old on Wednesday morning so we were dealing with that too. We have had to remain positive and know that life throws us curve balls all the time. What really matters is how we handle them, how we learn from them and how we move forward.
So we spent a lot of time at the house this weekend playing and watching football and just enjoying each others company. I knocked out a few crafts to put me in the fall spirit and even did some cooking and a teeny bit of cleaning. Okay, Deuce did the cleaning but whatever. He's obsessed with  mops, brooms and vacuums.
I made a new wreath for the front door and even did a little decorating out front. Deuce went with me to Michael's to pick up some scarecrows {which he called his babies} and then we went to Lowe's to grab some hay & pumpkins. I almost couldn't get out of the garden center at Lowe's because they had all of their fountains running and my child was playing in every single one. Good thing we were there in the middle of the day because he threw a full out temper tantrum when I picked him up to leave. It was not pretty and this momma was sweating up a storm trying to figure out how to fit two bales of hay, 3 scarecrows, 3 pumpkins a baby and a bunch of other crap into her little Honda Civic. Let's just say there is still a bunch of hay inside my car. But I think my projects look great and I'm totally digging my monogrammed pumpkin. I like the carving stuff but they wilt and look so nasty if you do it too soon so we will save the others for a couple more weeks.
My child is an eater. He's also a dipper, like me. I could eat chips and dip all day. As complete meals. Yummy. I will say that I now have to sweep and mop after every meal because he is adamant that he is going to feed himself. He has picked up on my habit of saying "uh-uh" and he says that as his form of "no." Often, he will say "uh-uh" while I'm feeding him, as though he's full and just as soon as I put his food down and start eating my own, he picks it up and starts back in on it. He also refuses to wear a bib so that makes me cautious about what he can feed himself, depending on where we are at. At home, okay, I don't care how messy you get - there is a tub around the corner. But if we are out I am not going to let him cover himself in his strawberry & banana sauce compote at K&W because he can't decide if he wants to be a righty or a lefty. Sorry if that makes me a bad momma. Whatever.
So while I was in cooking mode last week I made a yummy dinner one night that I found totally on FoodGawker. What? You haven't been there yet? Hurry now! I actually found them on Pinterest {don't even tell me you don't know what that is} but they all linked back to foodgawker so I wasted some more time of my life searching through food recipes. Anyway, this is the meal I came up with. I already had a lot of the ingredients so I only had to pick up a few things. It was very easy and quick to make and I had enough leftovers for both Ed and I to take for lunch the next day.
The Complete Meal
Seriously, beyond delish! I want some of those potatoes right now!! One little last thing. My little guy has become fascinated with coloring and "drawing" with his pencil. He climbs up in the chair, grabs the pencil and goes at it. And once he's whisked away all of his paper onto the ground, he continues his drawing, right on the table. Luckily it's tile and it wipes right off. And still, he prefers to excel both with his right and his left hand. This was while we were working on some Bible stories. He loves that little story book from about 1921 that is all about Jesus.
Here's to a normal week. Maybe. If there's such thing.

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