Monday, October 17, 2011

Football with Pop.

Well we're halfway through the football season and prior to this past weekend, it has been a pretty good one. My dad came down from VA recently and brought 2 of his buddies to a game. We don't see my dad that often. Busy schedules and distance just prevent it from happening as frequently as I would like. My dad and I haven't always been super close but age and babies have definitely changed that. And I can't even tell you how happy that makes me.
Your perspective on that stuff changes after you have kids. Dad and I missed out on a lot of time together while I was growing up so we are doing our best to make up for that lost time. After the game we spent a couple of hours just hanging out in the parking deck, after most of the cars had left, throwing the football and talking about golf. Golf is my dad's other passion.
It's funny how the cycle of life revolves and how we find ourselves acting like our parents in some ways and doing our best to not be like them in others. I'm pretty sure my dad could say that about himself. As we grow older we learn to value what is the most important thing in our lives, and that's our family. I'm pretty sure my stubbornness and my hatred for being wrong evolved from my dad. And I'm so enjoying getting to know my dad on a friend-friend level as opposed to just the father-daughter level.
So here's to making up for lost time and for endless smooches pop gets from his first grand kid. He can't keep his lips off that baby!
And I know I'm biased, but seriously....what 17 month old has that kind of form???? uh, love it!

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