Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Night Lights Keep Out Monsters.

TJ will probably kill me for this one day. Whatever. Lately he has been claiming that he's scared of the dark. He may be, but in the past 5 years, I have never known this kid to get out of bed in the middle of the night from a bad dream or a spook or anything. Not one, single time. So like I said, maybe he is. OR maybe he just doesn't want to miss anything that happens once he goes to bed. {Not that he would miss anything, unless you count me watching 90210 & every single show on Bravo while Ed snores on the couch missing something.} He always seems to find some reason to stay up past his bed time. Even if it's for 5 minutes, or even if it's to say he's all-of-a-sudden thirsty, or he has to pee - AGAIN. Maybe he thinks there are monsters under his bed. {And there just might be. The trash monsters, since TJ's idea of cleaning his room is stuffing everything under his bed.} Our house is so small that there are no hallways. Every room is right off of the living room. So we don't like his new found fear of the dark because he wants his door left open. And that means that I can't watch Teresa Giudice and the rest of the housewives curse each other out until after I'm sure he's asleep. {Sorry pastor, I know you've told us it's not a good idea to watch that stuff but I just can't help it.} So I decided to make TJ a night light that he would like and maybe even think was cool, as opposed to those other "baby looking ones" that he wants nothing to do with.
It was very simple to make and inexpensive. I bought one of those glass cubes from Michael's that people use at Christmas. It was $9.99 and I had a 50% off coupon so it was $4.99. I also bought a single bulb light to go inside of it. It was $3.99. You could technically use a strand of Christmas lights that you already have but the single bulb light has a clicker switch on the cord to make it easy to turn on and off. AND I didn't want to light up his room like it was daylight.
I got a single sheet of white vellum scrapbook paper for like .59 cents and I cut it to match the size of the cube. This hides the bulb from the inside. I mod podged it to the cube and added some scrabpook stickers. If I had a silhouette machine or a cricut, I probably would have cut out some other cool design but I used what I had. The I added some ribbon to the outside of the cube.
Success! He is now sleeping in his room with his door shut and there are no excuses for him to not be able to see. How cute would this be for a baby shower gift for a nursery night light?

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