Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
We'll see if we make it out for Trick or Treating tonight. We may hit up a few houses and then ride the stroller the rest of the way while TJ finishes up.
We'll see if we even make it in the costume. We tried it on and some tears were shed. Sigh.
This was all I got. Without the headpiece.
Hoping for at least one good picture tonight.
I stayed up late last night making candy for TJ's class.
Why? I have no clue.
I used a silicone ice cube tray in the shape of skulls and cross bones to make orange and white candies and then I made some Halloween bark using chocolate chips, oreos, plain m&m's and candy corn. I adapted it from THIS recipe. It was yummy. And only took a few minutes. Will be making again.
For like every holiday.
Or maybe even not holidays, just for the heck of it.
It's that good.
Then I wrapped it all up, tied them off and added some toppers.
Hopefully the kids liked them - no peanuts involved!
And yes, I know that the grout in between the tiles on our table need to be cleaned {so glad you noticed} but did you know that graphite & crayon and pen come off of tile so easily? Me either, until I discovered my child's drawings on the table the other day. Not one to criticize learning, I told him good job and then gave him a piece of paper.
good parenting move? or maybe bad? hmm...

Hope everyone enjoys the night and eats lots of candy. Thank goodness our family pictures were yesterday and not after today...

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