Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Park Play.

One of the good things about watching your baby become a toddler is being able to take them to the playground and let them explore on their own. We are trying to soak up these last few weeks of somewhat warm weather with frequent trips to the park. Whether it's to play on a playground, read books or throw the football in a patch of grass, I try my best to get Deuce out to run every Thursday and Friday when I'm home from work.
It's nice when the playground or park is relatively quiet. I feel like I can let him roam a little more freely when we are the only ones there as opposed to him trying to bully his way to the front of the line at the top of the slide and me being all the way on the ground trying to direct him to move to the back and wait his turn. Not saying this has ever happened or anything. I know, I know. The child's got to learn how to be sociable at some point.
He loves this swinging bridge thing. Before we left, he got up the nerve to try and run across it like the big kids were doing. He wasn't so successful but he got back up and kept trying. He thought it was hilarious so that was all that mattered.
Sometimes we just go to the park and put out a blanket and sit and have lunch.
We attempt naps {that most often don't happen - especially when food is nearby}
And we read lots and lots of books. Reading is so vital. So we read and read and read. Every free second we can. I always have at least 5-6 books in his bag at all times. He loves them. My mom gave me this book to read called "Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to our Children will Change their Lives Forever" by Mem Fox. It's a very quick read and really makes us as parents understand why it's so important that we read to our children from day 1. I highly suggest it.
And of course, eating and reading is twice as fun.
And remember me saying he loves Elmo??
Yeah, it's like the first thing he says when he wakes up. That and baby. Hmmmm...


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