Monday, October 10, 2011

Love from Across the Country.

So my hubby has like the biggest heart ever. And when it comes to children, his heart expands even more than you would think possible. So when he found out a coworker of his has a 5 year old son with leukemia, he immediately decided that we would help. Read about little Mason's story HERE.
photo via Mason Preston's Fight with Leukemia Facebook page
Ed has never "met" Stefanie. She lives in Washington, about an hour outside of Seattle. Even though they've never met in person, they were on the same team, supporting different call centers across the country, communicating via conference calls, emails and communicator chats. Ed's Greensboro team decided to send a care package to Stefanie & her family and they were collecting donations towards a gift card. Ed came home and asked me if I could make something for Mason using some of my crafty skills. How could I say no to that? So we put our own package together. We bought magazines for Stefanie & her husband Randy to read during their 100+ day stay at Seattle Children's Hospital. A little spa set for Stefanie {they are staying at the Ronald McDonald house} and of course stuff for Mason too. We sent him some coloring books with those special markers, some puzzle books, and a soft Carolina football that he can keep in his hospital bed. Mason is very limited in what he can be exposed to so we had to keep that in mind. I also painted a sign to hang on his hospital door so that everyone will know where he is and who's room that belongs to.
I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to have a small child in so much pain and anguish, confined to a hospital room in isolation and crying about how he just wants to go home. Stefanie blogs frequently about Mason's status and I find so much inspiration from her strength as a mother and wife. Please say some prayers for this family that Mason will be able to go home soon and join the rest of his friends in his first year of school. There is also a paypal link on their site if you would like to donate to the Preston's and the hospital address is also there if you want to send Mason a card or a gift package. Just make sure you put c/o Mason Preston in the address. Follow Stefanie's blog and leave her words of encouragement to help her get through each day. There is also a facebook page where you can follow Mason HERE.

Here are pictures for steps to making your own canvas sign:

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