Friday, October 14, 2011

Greensboro Children's Museum.

Rebecca and I took Deuce and Chase to the Greensboro Children's Museum last week. It was the first time Deuce and I had ever been there. It is right in downtown Greensboro across from the library and has an edible garden! Very cool place. We made our first stop in the supermarket.
The boys pushed their own carts around and threw things into their baskets, like they have seen us do many times. Deuce thought the lemons and oranges were balls though so he kept throwing them across the market sending me on a goose chase to pick them all up.
Chase was the chef for the day. He loves hats and wore this chef outfit the entire time we were in the market. I tried to put one on Deuce but he wasn't having it.
After we left the market we went in to the tot area. This was for ages 2 and below. It was great. Rebecca and I sat on a couch and just let the boys run wild. We stayed in there for well over an hour. They loved it. He was quite possessive of the fred flinstone car again.
He also wouldn't stay off of the lego table. He kept climbing on top of it. He was either on top of stuff or inside of it.
Both boys loved the airplane and they took turns playing pilot.
One of the other rooms was a hospital/dentist office. Deuce has had a thing for "babies" lately. He calls everything baby. He immediately found this black baby doll and picked him up. I thought it was hilarious that he went right to the black one.
Then he went right to a white baby and picked him up too. He found a rocking chair and sat down with both his white baby and his black baby and rocked them while talking to them and hugging them. He did that all on his own. I was pretty impressed. It made me feel sort of satiated that I am obviously making a good mommy impression on him.
He also loved sitting at the nurses station and answering the phone. He stayed over there for awhile while Chase moved on from room to room. He loves the phone. He walks around the house talking on the phone all of the time!
We went to a house that had basic kitchen supplies. Of course my little dude immediately found the rubber cookies. And yes, he did try to take a bite out of it.
There was a Greensboro fire truck in the museum and Chase really like the boots and the fire hat. Both boys climbed up into the truck and like pressing all of the buttons.
After finishing our tour of the inside of the museum, we ventured outside to the edible garden. We were immediately met my the chickens in the chicken coop and a pretty goldfish pond. The boys like the chickens and the brightly colored fish and they did their best to get their faces as close as possible.
There we all sorts of tunnels that were covered with the vines of growing vegetables like gourds. The boys loved running through the tunnels. We even took home some lavender to hang and dry.
We had a great time at the Greensboro Children's Museum and I can guarantee that we will be going back. They just opened a Curious George exhibit and since Deuce has a recent obsession with George {and Elmo}, I know he would like that!

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