Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down, Set, Hut!

we like to make faces in our family. apparently.
like lots of faces all at one time.
someone has picked them up. and makes them all day long. because he knows it's going to make us laugh.
and i have also decided that i will not clean the kitchen until he is 18.
there is no point.
only kidding.
kinda sorta...
wawa is my sister. she used to call herself that when she was little and couldn't say the "l" in laura.
and we also like to get kiddos training for the league at a very early age.
like from before they can actually walk. because then when they can walk, they go straight to up-downs and tackles. only we don't have lineman bags. just a big black couch. it seems to work just fine.
and a VERY enthusiastic daddy helps a lot.
and we also like to spill drinks and food on our carpet and leave big stains for the world to see.
we would like new hardwoods one day to eliminate this issue.
but then again, up-downs wouldn't be as much fun.
i could watch these two play all day.

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