Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hangin' with Chase.

Deuce and I have been spending a lot of time with Chase and Rebecca over the past few weeks. Rebecca has this cool job at a lab where she does some sort of scientific stuff with microscopes and biopsy samples. I'm not really sure of all the details but her degree is in like forensic biology or something and I just know that she told me one time about how an eyeball had to be dissected and that people's toes and other extremities come in to be evaluated. She's pretty smart. She also works 3rd shift. I say yuck, but she loves it. So she happens to be off during the day and her two days off are Fridays and Saturdays. So she works Thursday night and then goes in for the beginning of her week on Sunday night. So we meet up on Fridays and let the boys hang out.
They are best friends, these two. Too cute to describe in words. A couple of Fridays ago we took them to Toddler Story time at Barnes and Noble. It was hilarious. They started out doing really well and sitting on the benches while the lady was reading the book. But it didn't take long before Chase decided that he would prefer to sit ON the stage, not at the bottom. And who had to copy him? You got it. The nice lady continued to read her story to all of the other kids, while our two ran around on the stage behind her.
After Barnes & Noble we took the boys to the pet store. They loved looking at all of the animals. Deuce especially loved the bunny rabbits and the "Bay-Be's" which would be Bailey, our cat. They had several kittens and he loved playing with them. I think he would have enjoyed playing with the dogs but they were behind the glass so he couldn't hear or touch them so he wasn't as interested.
We went to K&W for lunch, of course, and Deuce fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. We went to the park because it was so beautiful outside and Deuce slept for a good hour on his blanket while we played with Chase. Chase wanted nothing to do with a nap. After Deuce woke up the boys played with the balls and then sat on the picnic tables to read books. We have such a good time with Chase & Rebecca. I love the thought of these two growing up together.

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