Monday, October 24, 2011

NC State Fair 2011.

We took Deuce to his first ever NC State Fair on the first Saturday that it was open. We had gone to the Carolina game earlier in the day and had decided that since we were already in Chapel Hill, we might as well head a little further down the road to Raleigh to the annual fair. My sister's house is about 2 miles away from the fairgrounds so we scooped her up and headed to dinner before venturing to the fair. I only brought in my phone so the pics are pretty crappy.
Deuce was slightly overwhelmed with all of the bright lights, enormous crowd and high flying rides. He was so good though. He didn't motion to get out of his stroller one time and he didn't whine or cry about wanting anything. He was just laid back and enjoying the ride.
Last year we took him to the Central Carolina Fair in Greensboro but it is much smaller and there are no really big rides. Plus he was only about 4 or 5 months old then so I'm sure his sight wasn't nearly as developed. The lines at the State Fair were so long (like at least a 45 minute wait) so TJ selected the rides he wanted to go on based on the length of the line. Deuce just sat by the side and waved and watched.
While TJ was running through a couple of fun houses I took Deuce over to see the mini horses. He loved them, just like at Nana's.
Right before we left we found a spot to watch the nightly fireworks show. The fair puts on a great fireworks display every night that lights up the sky. We loved it. My sister doesn't love it booming right over her house every night, scaring the poo out of her dog though.
He made sure TJ didn't miss a thing.
After we hiked 15 miles back to the car we had a long drive home. And after a day of football, family & fair...we had two tired boys.

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