Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Road Trip to Death Valley!

A couple of Saturday's ago Ed & I left NC. On our own. Well we were with Daniel & Rebecca - but I mean on our own as in no kids. It was awesome. Even if it was only a day trip. We decided to head down to Clemson, SC to the Carolina game. None of us had ever been to a game down there & we had heard a lot of great things about watching a game in Death Valley. We were not disappointed. Well, I take that back. We were very disappointed in the showing and effort that our team gave as they were pretty much run into the ground but we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the fans surrounding us. Clemson was 6-0 at that point afterall.
Our seats were way up high {like high as in Daniel is super scared of heights} but we didn't care. We were out of town and on our own. We laughed the entire way down to Clemson telling jokes, talking about the kids and other nonsense. We were amazed at the fan support {especially from the students} for a 12 o'clock game. It was rowdy in there! We literally saw people climbing the fence to get into the stadium. I can only imagine what it must be like during a prime time, nationally televised game against a big rival. WOW! That stadium definitely deserved it's name Death Valley.
And let me tell you, those people know how to tailgate!  I thought NC State had a great tailgating atmosphere with their stadium being at the NC Fairgrounds, but Clemson is beautiful and the stadium is on campus and those people tailgate to the extreme. They even have tents with professionally made signs and banners welcoming you to the "_______ Family Tailgate!" It was unreal! It is definitely up there with my aunt & uncle's tailgates at UT. And what better place to tailgate and watch a game than a stadium that sits on a lake? Sorta like one of my favorite things about Knoxville...
We left the game disappointed that we had lost but we thoroughly enjoyed our day on the Clemson campus. We even stopped and ate an adults only dinner at Outback in Spartanburg. It was so nice to not have to ask for a high chair and the most secluded area of the restaurant for once. And I was excited to stop in Spartanburg because it always makes me think of watching the movie Shag 10 billion times when I was growing up.  Anybody else with me on that??

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