Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Yeah, That Haircut.

It was time again for the dreaded haircut. The 2nd one to be exact. The first one went well but was long and tiring. We were scheduled to have family photos taken over the weekend so the hair had to go before then. On the suggestion of my friend Carrie, I decided to try out peek-a-do salon over at Southpoint. It's a children's salon and there is everything under the sun in there to distract the kids from the fact that they are getting their hair chopped off. I wish there was one in Greensboro.
At this point he's all "I don't know where we are but this place is awesome!" We were simply waiting our turn. Little did he know... When it was our turn he immediately clammed up and wouldn't let me put him down. They have 3 infant chairs for them to sit in: a car, a boat or a plane. I was sure he would sit in one and love the steering wheel. He loves the big Jimmy Johnson race cars at Lowe's and the grocery store. But I was totally wrong. He was clinging to me for dear life and the waterfall had already started. So we decided we would try sitting him in my lap like last time. Camille was the stylist and she was wonderful. As soon as she got near his head, his bottom lip poked out and he just started crying. He wouldn't even let her put a cute mini cape on him. So he had to suffer with hair all over him!
Camille took her time and we distracted him with everything we could. She turned Dora on the DVD player at her station and that worked temporarily. Thank goodness for my dear friend Patrice, who danced, and played with every toy the store owned trying to turn his head this way and that way. She was a lifesaver.
This was the one and only lick of the lollipop that he took. Then he just held onto it like it was money.
"Here, you wanna squirt yourself in the face with this water? Whatever works?" Can you tell I was sweating?
This was where he started to get sleepy. My plan was to give him a nap while we were at Patrice's so he would be in a good mood when it was time to get the cut. But of course he fell asleep right before we got to Patrice's and I was able to transfer him all the way in the house. But as soon as his head hit the couch, BOOM, he was wide awake and ready to play. So I thought the hair cut was just going to be a downright disaster. And it was for a little while. Then he got tired and just sat in my lap half asleep. I had told Camille that Ed wanted him to have an edge up if possible and she said she thought she could do it since he was so tired. And she was right. She got out the clippers and edged his entire head up. And when she went across the front, he just closed his eyes and let her finish. It turned out to not be so bad after all.
And then when we were done, he was ready to play! Like it was as though he really wasn't tired or something. The salon has those reflective windows that you can see out of but can't see in. When we got outside, Deuce could not stop staring at himself in the windows. He was giggling and laughing. It was hilarious. Then he started his football plays and all was well with the world. So we took Patrice to Sweet Frog's for yogurt as a thank you for her hard work. I think Ed was a little sad that he missed the first edge up. That's so important to the daddy's. Or at least this daddy. The one who's a perfectionist over the quarter-inch length hair that he has...
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  1. looks great!!! glad you tried out peek-a-do...and that it worked for you! I am always impressed that they can hold Cal still for that long!!


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