Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coloring with Harrison.

Last week I took Deuce over to Harrison's house after work since it had been awhile since the boys had seen each other. Val made us some yummy tortellini and we caught up while the boys played. Deuce was once again enamored with Harrison's dog Felton and he also found Harrison's Tickle Me Elmo {which he loved and might just have made it's way into Nana's Christmas shopping cart already}. After dinner the boys decided that they would color some.
They did a pretty good job of sharing their markers and they definitely mastered the art of taking the tops off of the markers and then putting the markers on the floor. They were not so good at putting the tops back on.
I am so thankful for a friend like Val and think it's even better that we had boys exactly 3 months apart. Val and I are so much alike. I don't know that I can really describe it but I feel like she's a blonde version of me. I think that alot of our parenting philosophies are very similar and we have traded lots of tips with each other. She doesn't stress about making sure that her house is magazine perfect all of the time, it's more about hanging out with her little man. This makes me not so paranoid about Deuce when we are over at their house. And she likes sports just as much as me so that's a big plus too. Maybe one day we won't live so far apart so we can hang out more.
Harrison kept trying to take his diaper off but was never completely successful so he kept walking around the house with his diaper sagging off his booty. It was hilarious. And not only did the boys color on paper...they colored on themselves. Thank goodness Harrison has the washable non-toxic markers!

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