Monday, November 14, 2011

Swim Lessons.

Deuce is 2 weeks in to his 6 week session of swim lessons. And he loves it! Class meets every Saturday morning at 8:30 (talk about refreshing wake-up for the day...) and there are about 7 babies in the class. Deuce is actually the second oldest in the class. I was surprised by that since this is the 3rd time I have tried to sign him up. I made sure I went to the Y the day registration opened to get in. There is a boy who looks to be about 3 in the class {in the below picture} and other than him and Deuce, none of the babies can even walk yet. Ed came to the first class to take some pictures for me of the first ever swim lesson. Beware: you will see me in a bathing suit. And it may be the only time you will see such a thing. Ever. :)
We start by pouring water all over ourselves with a cup. I direct him to pour it on a body part and he does it. He loves this and does it in the bath/shower all the time.
He jumped off the side of the pool from both a sitting and standing position. He only did it from a standing position a few times because none of the other babies were doing it since they can't walk yet. He seriously looked around and then sat down to do it. At least he was trying to following the group, I guess.
Then he kicked the beach ball with his feet. He really loves this part and giggles everytime it's his turn.
He also pushed the ball with his hands.
He floated on his back and practiced his flutter kicks.
Here we are blowing bubbles. He probably drank more pool water than he blew but he's getting the hang of it.
He got to select a toy from the bucket and throw it as far as he could and then "swim" to get it. Of course he selected the only ball in the bucket, a football. Some of the dad's were making comments about how far he could throw because it was obvious he wanted to play with somebody. He kept throwing it directly to the dad's in the pool {even hitting some in the back. my aplogies were frequent.} This week one of the dad's got the football for their little guy and Deuce was not pleased. I had a hard time getting him as excited about throwing a tiny purple boat as I did a football. Let's just say we had to move to another part of the pool to avoid swiping of the football.
And there's me. Obviously still only half awake at 8:30 in the morning sans make-up.
You're welcome.

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